The main reason I run is to provide a venue to sell the effects I purchase for my favorite website I began Martin’s Magic over twenty years ago and update it almost daily; you can read more about it here.

My fundamental goal is to provide you with the perfect auction experience:

  • Free Shipping on every auction – everyone loves Free Shipping 🙂
  • $99 starting price with NO reserve is a very popular feature. When you pay $1500 for an item and start at $99 that takes some nerve …
  • Big, clear photos of the actual effects, and lots of them.
  • Add Speed Demos if no others are available.  This is one of the biggest distinctions between my auctions and all others and represents many extra hours per auction, but makes all the difference to your expectations and experience.
  • Honest descriptions – these are subjective but I try to point out problems with an effect when I see them.
  • Diligent attempt to track down instructions for every effect.
  • You will receive (at my expense) extra add-ons required to perform the effect  (e.g. cards, silks, batteries, ribbons, boxes, etc.)
  • Pre-shipment video for electronic effects.  I take a video of all electronic items in action before I ship it and show you how it works so there isn’t any confusion when you receive it.
  • Only 20 lots per auction – this allows me to spend extra time to maintain the quality of the listings.
  • If there are issues I will go out of my way to make it right.

I hope you enjoy the auctions and magic;  sign-up here to be notified when the auction starts.

Andy Martin
November 2020

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