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Wun Fang and His Golden Coin by Len Belcher, Harry Stanley, Regow’s House of Enchantment

(c. 1954,1957)
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This is Regow’s House of Enchantment’s version of Len Belcher’s and Harry Stanley’s “Wun Fang and His Chinese Coin” originally released by Harry Stanley c. 1954, and released in America with permission of Harry Stanley.

And what a great effect it is.  The patter would need to be tweaked for modern day audiences but otherwise it has it all. Colorful props, a clever vanish with a great sucker piece and a wonderful final reappearance to really seal the deal. It is also easy to do once you have laid out the props and read the instructions.

Effect: “Far away in the ancient Chinese City of Pekin,” begins the magician, “there once lived a Chinese Dentist named ‘Wun Fang’ . . . because that’s all he had!” In this vein the performer unfolds the Laughable Story of this character who preferred to keep all his savings in the form of a GIANT GOLDEN COIN. The Coin and its adventures, form the basis of this EXCELLENT NEW TRICK.

During the routine, the Coin, which is a LARGE SHOWY PIECE (6 inches in diameter), mysteriously DISAPPEARS AND REAPPEARS, accompanied by some fine Comedy Patter. Also in the course of the action, WUN FANG HIMSELF pops up UNEXPECTEDLY, providing you with a grand SUCKER GAG, guaranteed to bring fast and furious laughter.

We would like to EMPHASIZE THE FOLLOWING points:-

  1. The apparatus makes a REALLY SPLENDID SHOW. Consisting of SIX eye-compelling pieces of a colorful and unusual nature.
  2. Despite the big display … it all PACKS NICE and FLAT.
  3. The Vanish and subsequent re-appearance of the Large Coin, is CLEVER MAGIC. … It will FOOL MAGICIANS and LAYMEN ALIKE!
  4. The Sucker Climax is a real LAUGHTER-GETTER!
  5. Easy to Do . . . READY to work RIGHT AWAY!

Apparatus is excellently made in wood and tastefully decorated with a Chinese Motif. Complete with Routine and Amusing Patter. If you want something “Different”-THIS IS IT

Original Patter (c. 1950’s, not appropriate for today):
I should like to tell you of the story of WUN FANG, a Chinese Dentist. When the Health Service was nationalized, his customers were doubled – doubled up with pain, and his accounts were all up the pole when he went russian to the bank with a dud chech.

So he decided in the future to convert all his takings into gold at the end of the day. This is his shop and here is his gold coin. That piece in the middle was taken out by an Income Tax inspector, who was staying with him for the week-end. The week-end wasn’t quite so weak as he thought, but he managed to nibble a bit out of the middle.

Over here is the bank. There are banks everywhere in China; they even have them all down the sides of the rivers. Every day, when he’d drawn the last fang, Fang would take his gold coin over to the bank, which made him very rich, and be became one of the upper set. Now everybody knows it’s the bottom set that does all the work -but the vest gets all the gravy.

But one day, Fang must have had a whiff of his own gas, because he fell asleep in the chair, and dreamed a dream. He saw his gold coin rise into the air, float over to the bank and disappear inside. (Reach behind shop stand, then bring coin it into view. This can be done quite easily with one hand. Coin is taken over to the bank). When he woke up, he was in such a dreadful state he looked like one of his own patients. He galloped over to the bank and was horrified to find no trace of the coin.  The sucker-action now takes place and the situation is built-up as much as possible. Finally, the figure is produced and displayed.

Oh, yes! This is WUN FANG himself. I told you he dashed over to the bank. Of course, if he’d taken the trouble to look in his own shop first, he would have found the coin safe and sound.

It all goes to show that if you cast your bread upon the waters it comes back soaking wet.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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