Willie The Worm by Bob Kline

(c. 1996)
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Another beautiful and rare effect from Bob Kline’s Kline Kraft Magic. People can relate to a worm coming up out of an apple much more than a snake in a basket and Willie looks so adorable this will easily appeal to all audiences, when a snake or a Cobra won’t always do 🙂 The Deck is put into the apple and Willie rises with the card and then just as mysteriously goes back down. Special molds were made to construct the apple out of fiberglass.

On the bottom it is signed Howard Hale #7 8/96. I am not sure if Howard actually assembled them all for Bob or not, but given Bob was 84 when this was made it seems a plausable assumption. Howard made a number of things with Bob’s blessing, and given this uses such a special mold it is unlikely that Howard made any more fiberglass apples than Bob created originally.

If you are expecting the advanced mechanics of Collectors’ Workshop’s Khyber Cobra you will be disappointed. Wille is operated by a double-pole throw switch on the back of the unit which will cause WIllie to rise, pause, and the lower back into the apple. The card is attached to the worm with a sticky pad which I added as there was nothing mentioned in the instructions about fixing the card to the worm. In fact, the original instructions (included) are some of the worst I have seen because all they talk about is operating the switch – they have no routine and don’t even mention cards once. Simpler times I guess! You certainly could have any card signed, controlled to the top and then as you place the cards into the apple, affix the card to the sticky if you desire. I think given that this is more for comedic value than mind-blowing magic I would force the card (use your own playing cards or flash cards as appropriate for your routine) and have it pre-attached. It does come with a spare worm, which you can show, but the instructions recommend not doing this, probably spoils the surprise.

This will look fabulous in your collection!

Notice: although the movement of Willie is quite cute he comes up slowly and turns around and should face the audience when he finishes, and then will automatically go back down into the apple. Sometimes he will stick as he is coming up, or jerk, I believe this is more to do with how the internal mechanism actually works rather than age or anything else. I’m not convinced any of these were close to the level of reliability of CW’s Cobra. This is not a bad thing or a surprise, if Willie does get caught when rising it is a simple matter to tap him and he will normally spin around.

Willie does make some noise when rising, it uses a motor after all, but from a few feet and in normal performance it should not be a problem. I think this is more for Collector’s than performers so most of this is moot anyway. The apple is in very good condition for its age and size, but it does have a few marks and scratches.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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