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Wild Wand Fantasy by Wild Magic

(c. 2000)
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Out of stock


A nicely made hot rod paddle that turns into a real wand in the end.

Effect: The magician produces a beautiful handcrafted walnut gem stick from an elegant velvet bag. He proceeds to show the spectators that the stick has colorful rhinestones on both sides. At this point the magician asks one of the spectators if they would select any number between one and six, then counts down the gems until he reaches the selected number.

The magician tells the spectator that the gem stick is actually quite magical and then asks the spectator to hold out their hand and the magician then taps the gem stick on their hand, instantly the gem stick turns into a beautiful brass tipped wand and the spectator is left with their chosen colored gem in their hand.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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