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What The Hole! by 3D Magic Works

(c. 2016)
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Out of stock


Kent Bergmann is back with his amazing new line of magic: 3D Magic Works and the very positive reviews are flowing in.

So we come to the end of the first batch of 3D Magic and there are no tears because I see that Kent has already begun producing more.

After reviewing all twenty of his first releases I can safely say that you need a lot more than a just 3D printer to produce these bad boys!  So I feel confident we will be seeing a lot more from Kent over the years to come, even as some others get into this space.

This final item is a real beauty with a unique and clever method that will fool the wisest spectators.  A very clean penetration with nothing added or taken away and props that can be closely examined.  I look forward to the next batch of magic from this amazing creator!

Effect: The performer brings forward an ornate box (with a hole in the lid) and removes the lid to reveal a magic wand, resting on a stand and a small framed bed with a solid plaque held in place by two posts.

The performer removes the wand and sets it on the table, and then he/she turns the entire box upside down to let the solid wooden plaque freely fall out. With the plaque removed from the framed bed, a hole can clearly be seen through the bottom of the box. The solid wooden plaque is handed to the spectator to look at if desired. The performer then replaces the lid to show that the hole in the box goes completely through the box . . . allowing the spectator to look through the hole. The lid is then once again removed.

The performer then retrieves the plaque and places it in the framed bed inside of the box (with the two posts securing it inside of the bed) and replaces the lid. With the lid on, there is obviously no room for the plaque to escape the confines of the bed.

Next, the performer shows the spectator that the plaque completely blocks the hole so nothing can pass through. The performer picks up the wand and shows that it cannot pass through the hole by placing the wand through the hole on the top of the box only to be stopped by plaque.

Finally, the performer proceeds to demonstrates that he/she can indeed pass the magic wand completely through the hole from the top of the box through to the bottom of the box. The wand is then passed through again from the bottom of the box through to the top of the box . . . the wand magically penetrated the solid plaque. The spectator is once again allowed to look through the hole to see that the plaque is still secured in place, completely blocking the passage through the box.

The lid is removed again, and the wand and the plaque are laid out on the table.

The brown and light brown parts of this set are 3D printed using a beautiful filament that has been infused with genuine wood.

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