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Wenger Tiny Lie Detector by Nick Wenger, Mike Rose

(c. 2019)
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The Wenger Tiny Lie Detector was created, designed and constructed by Nick Wenger.  It is sold exclusively by Mike Rose of and comes with a 34 page booklet filled with ideas for the Lie Detector written by Mike Rose.

If you know anything about the work of Nick Wenger then you’ll know this is a winner too – it is very solidly built and if you ever wanted to do any sort of Lie Detector effect either close-up or on stage, this bad boy will work perfectly.  When turned on it has a green light shining from the end, but the second a lie is told the green changes to red and a loud beep is heard.  All under control of a small key fob sized remote.  This is pretty much perfect.


3 – Welcome to the World of the Wenger Tiny Lie Detector
7 – Care & Feeding of the WTLD
9 – It’s a Lie Detector!
13 – Card Tricks That Do Not Rely On Lies
14 – Card Finder
17 – Dealer’s Choice
20 – One-Ahead WTLD Style
23 – Ghosts and Mediums
24 – Slates and WTLD
25 – What The Spirit’s Prefer
26 – Living & Dead & WTLD
27 – Ideas and Routine Starters
33 – The WTLD is a Chameleon

Effect: The classic magician’s Lie Detector just got overhauled and now fits in your pocket!

Magicians love the classic Lie Detector routine but it has typically involved a large electronic piece of apparatus that was designed for the stage performer. Not anymore! Electronics wiz Nick Wenger has taken the basic concept of the remote controlled Lie Detector and shrunk it down so it can easily slip into your pocket. Finally you can perform your favorite Lie Detector routine in close-up and walk-around environments!

Hand the Wenger Tiny Lie Detector to a volunteer and explain that by holding it in their hand it will read their galvanic skin impulses and detect when they are telling a lie. When turned on, the Wenger Tiny Lie Detector’s indicator light glows green. However, whenever the person holding the Wenger Tiny Lie Detector tells a lie the indicator light changes to red and a loud beep emanates from the device.

The Wenger Tiny Lie Detector is just a little over seven inches long and less than one inch square. Each unit is built from scratch using custom machined parts by Nick Wenger and is bulletproof in operation. It is NOT just several off-the-shelf parts cobbled together. The Wenger Tiny Lie Detector is remote operated and uses a tiny key fob style transmitter. Nick has customized the transmitter, too. It can be activated by pressing the button or by bringing it near a magnet (can you say PK Ring?!). The onboard rechargeable battery is the latest in tiny LiPo battery technology and holds a charge for a crazy long time.

Many magicians may already have a Lie Detector routine in their repertoire, but if not, don’t despair! The Wenger Tiny Lie Detector comes with a book written by Mike Rose. The book is chock-full of routines and unusual off-the-wall ways to use the device as something other than a lie detector. You will soon discover the Wenger Tiny Lie Detector is not a one trick pony but an incredibly versatile tool.

  • Small and discreet to carry
  • Remote controlled by both push button and magnet
  • Built in rechargeable battery
  • Custom battery charger included
  • Book of routines, tips and ideas

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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