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Voodoo Doll by R.A.R. Magic

(c. 1986)
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Wow what a great little effect from Roy Roth and his company R.A.R. Magic this item is.  It could be played for laughs or in the right hands this would really freak them out.  The little doll is made of a Play-Doh like material and although the figure that is pre-made is perfectly fine, it comes with eight other strips of colors to create a different effigy if you wish.  There is nothing gimmicked about the effigy or the coffin for that matter so you could use pretty much any modelling clay if you desired.

Also any part of the body can be severed. I use the head but it could be either leg, or arm or the body. You have to decide in advance, but for repeat performances it could be a different body part.  Also it is not pre cut, though it might look like it in some of the photos because I was practicing it with the head multiple times.  But when you show the guy at the beginning, nothing is cut at that point.

The method used to sever the limb or head is quite unique and very effective.  In fact, once the severance has occurred everything can be minutely examined.  I have added a better looking sword instead of the plastic one that comes with this.  I also created some bicycle card versions of the stick man cards because they are easier to work with, but the original set work fine too.

This is one you won’t see very often – this is in fact the first time I’ve seen it. I have not been able to find any ads for it in the old Abracadabra’s of the time, so I’m guessing there are not many of them out there.  It is a great idea.

Effect: The performer introduces a small wooden coffin. The lid is lifted to show that it contains an effigy of the human form. Removing the effigy, he stands it up in the coffin to display it. The effigy is then replaced into the coffin and the lid replaced. Now the performer asks the audience, “Do you believe in voodoo, or witchcraft ?” He then removes from his pocket, six cards, depicting matchstick figures. Each figure has one part of it’s body separated from the rest of the body.

The performer does not show the faces of these cards at this stage, The performer requests a spectator to choose one card. This is left face-down on the table. The performer now turns over the remaining cards, showing them all different. The spectator now turns his card over.

The performer now asks the spectator to place a sword, partly through one of the holes in the lid of the coffin. The hole should correspond with the part that is separated on his chosen card. The performer now states. “You have now put a voodoo curse on the effigy!”

The performer picks up the coffin, removes the sword and removes the lid of the coffin. The spectator removes the effigy and that part of the body which matches his card has been completely severed through.

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