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Vest Pocket Slate (x 4) by Ken Brooke, Stanley Thomas, George Blake, Roy Johnson

(c. 1967)
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Out of stock


What a great set of slates these are! There are four slates here and each slate has three different flaps:

  1. A standard flap.
  2. A flap with the corner cut away.
  3. A flap with a red bicycle back on the other side.

They are well made and strong but still very thin and fit neatly in the shirt or jacket pocket and can be used for all manner of effects.  The included instructions has six pages with routines from Ken Brooke, Roy Johnson, George Blake, and Pete Biro.  But I’m sure you’ll find other uses for them too.  A real utility find!

Effect: 4 1/2″ x 3″ and only 3/ 16″ thick. Each has 3 different types of flap, one with playing card back, for ‘under the nose’ disposal. All flaps fit perfectly. Hand made! Individually made! Looks like and is a Perfect Miniature Slate, not a magical monstrosity!

THE WORLD’S BEST ROUTINES! Not my saying – ask my customers. Dozens are now binding them! With the above we supply four foolscap pages of different routines including ‘The Chinese Card Trick’ and six others by George Blake. Plus two bonus pages of tips and ideas.

Routines Included:

  • Roy Johnson: – Chinese Card Trick
  • George Blake:
    • Routine with Two Slates & Two Flaps:  Slates first shown clean, are placed together and when opened up disclose a message bit by bit, each part appearing on different sides of the slates. 
    • Routine with Four Slates & One Flap.
    • Routine with One Slate & One Flap.
    • Routine with One Slate, One Flat, & One Envelope
    • Routine with Two Slates & No Flap
    • Routine with Two Slates, No Flap & a Piece of Ribbon
    • Additional Notes
  • Pete Biro: Karate Expert
  • Reg Vincent: Your Shirt, a favorite of Tommy Cooper.
  • Roy Johnson: Little Dwarf.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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