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Vanishing Lifesaver (Elusive Life Savers) by Viking Mfg., Edgar Ralston

(c. 1947,1987)
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This effect, originally known as the Elusive Life Savers was invented by Edgar Ralston and built by Okito c. 1947.  It was a favorite effect of Okito’s and he often carried it with him and performed it to both children and adults. 

It is  a wonderful effect and can be used to switch for anything that fits inside the tube from candy, silks, necklaces, and even liquid.  Easy to do with a quick reset time.

Effect: Viking has resurrected this classic, once a favorite of Okito.

The performer displays a package of Lifesaver Candy. “We’ve got to hide this since I’m on a diet. Let’s put it in this tube and you’ll be in charge of it. And no matter what I say or offer you, don’t give it to me.” So saying, the performer places the Lifesaver Candy in a neat brass tube and hands it to a spectator for security. Next, the performer displays a five dollar bill. “O.K. I can’t stand it. I’ll give you $5.00 for the candy.” The assistant stands his ground. “How about a ten spot?”… still no dice. “O.K. this is my last offer.. $20.00!” The assistant is tempted but no dice.

The performer now has to resort to Magic. He causes the $20.00 bill to vanish and tells the assistant to look in the tube. When he does he finds the twenty dollar bill! And where’s the candy? Hanging on the spectator’s back!

Completely self-contained. This clever item will vanish the Lifesaver candy and exchange them for what ever will fit in the tube; a silk hank, B-B’s, M&M’s, even liquid.

Precision made as only Viking can do. Complete with routine. This is a Viking property-beware of cheap copies… Now sealed in clear protective finish to prevent tarnishing!

(Notice: use your own load.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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