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Vanishing Deck (Magnetic Version) by Joker Magic

(c. 2015)
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Out of stock


Joker Magic make good quality, primarily plastic, magic and this is a clean and long-lasting version of the Ultra Slim Vanishing Deck first created by Rob Bromley

Effect: This is a fantastic trick combining the best of club and close-up magic, which can baffle even the best trained professionals.

The magician places a deck of Bicycle cards and a plastic case on the table. He takes a card out of the deck and shows it to the audience, asking them to memorise it (e.g. the ten of diamonds). He then returns it to the deck and puts the entire deck back into the plastic case. After a magic snap the magician throws the case into the air and the deck of cards vanishes from the case, leaving behind only the ten of diamonds.

A completely automatic yet very visual trick.

The Vanishing Deck makes a perfect combination with the Clone Deck.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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