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Vampire Block Escape (Mini Size) by Michael Baker

(c. 2013,2020)
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Out of stock


Michael Baker is always working on something new or refining his existing line.   He now has produced this wonderful item in three sizes: Regular, Giant, and now this one, Mini.  A version was also created exclusively for Stevens Magic here.  

Vampire Block Escape is related to the popular Vampire Block but it does not use a chain or cord.  It uses a slightly different mechanism but looks great, works smoothly and is convincing to the spectator.

Effect: Three items are shown: a vampire block with a hole through its center, a square tube, and a wooden stake. The block is inserted into the tube, where the vampire’s face is visible through a cutout opening at the front The stake is run through holes in the side of the tube, and through the corresponding hole in the block, effectively locking the block within the tube. On the magician’s command, the block visible falls from the tube, the vampire escapes, apparently penetrating the stake in the process!

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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