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Vampire Block by Homer Hudson

(c. 1965)
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The Escaping Vampire (or Vampire Block or Vampire Die or Visible Vampire as this type of block penetration is often known as today) was created by Ben Wallace c. 1945.

This one was built by Homer Hudson and it looks great and works perfectly.  It is in good vintage condition with a few marks, but overall very good (see photos).  Homer Hudson was a prolific builder of magic props for most of his life.  He was best known for his silk screened novelty side tables and die boxes.  He originally worked for Floyd Thayer in the 1930’s and 1940’s. He created most of the props marketed by Golden’s Magic Wand of Southern California during the 1950’s and 1960’s and then sold directly as himself and through major dealers from the late 1960’s until his retirement in 1995.

Effect: A tube, open only on one end, is shown. Also a Solid block and a stake. The Block is dropped tnto the tube and a stake is thrust through the holes in the side of the tube and the block thus securing the block within the tube. However, at a word from the Magician the block rises out of the tube leaving the stake Intact.

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