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Ultra Clear Animal Balloon Penetration by Ickle Pickle

(c. 1977)
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Spikes Thru Balloon was invented by Bob Gurtler (Andre Kole) c. 1956 and marketed by U.F. Grant c. 1958. This examinable version of the effect is based upon the Nu-Way Wand Thru Balloon c. 1960 by U.F. Grant.  Al Cohen sold these c. 1977 but they were probably purchased from Ickle Pickle by Al.

This version by Ickle Pickle  works well and looks convincing.  However, I think the illusion looks even better with a larger balloon as these thinner balloons are known to handle a lot more twisting and squeezing. 

Effect: A Clear magic wand mystically penetrates a long, skinny, solid animal balloon. A transparent cylinder is shown with a wand through the center. The cylinder is rotated on the wand. The wand is removed and may be tapped on a table to show that it is solid. An animal balloon (260A or 245) is inflated inside the cylinder. The wand is now pushed through the balloon, carefully, slowly, dramatically, and magically without popping the balloon.

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