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Ultissimo Deluxe by Louis Gaynor, Paul Curry

(c. 1946, 2009)
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Ultissimo was first built by Merv Taylor c. 1946 for Thayer Quality Magic. devised by Maury Kains, based upon Paul Curry’s amazing Touch.  Paul Curry was not credited by Maury Kains, and Mr. Kains did make some improvements, but the method and basic effect is clearly derived from Touch c. 1937.  You can read more about this in Paul Curry’s own words here. This version was built by Louis Gaynor for Stevens Magic with permission from Owen Magic Supreme.

The effect is cleanest mentalism at its best: you ask two spectators to think of a red card and a black card respectively (absolutely no force). You write down two predictions with their backs to the audience and place them in the stands. You now ask the two to reveal their cards and place them in the stands too. When you turn around the stand the cards match perfectly every time. It is clean and instantly resets.

The stand is turned to perfection and there is even a plastic insert to ensure years of trouble free twisting and the joints are all very solid. The cards fit inside the stand securely without any movement so you place the cards at the perfect angle. You’ll not find a better version of this classic effect.

Effect: “Ultissimo” as its name indicates, is a highly improved effect. It represents the “Last Word” in mental card effects. The old idea employed, gives natural, believable routining and transforms the effect into a masterful phenomenon. A principle seldom used, plus not too well known in the world of magic! The “Wise Men” know not to ask what’s new… they ask what’s old! The Magi asks for two volunteers. He then passes out to each, one blank face card and requests them to mentally picture a playing card of their choice (no force) and to stare and concentrate on the blank face—one spectator is to think of any red card and the other to think of any black card.

The Magi then picks up another blank face card and a Sharpie marker and upon staring at the first spectator, secretly writes a name of a card, supposedly reading the first spectator’s mind. When finished the Magi places this mentally thought of card into an innocent-looking walnut stand and does the same for the second spectator. Now for the moment of revelation!

The Magi spreads out the cards and requests the spectators to now reveal their mentally chosen cards and upon so doing their cards are culled out and also placed in the stand—their cards facing the audience. The Magi now revolves the stand to reveal that his predictions impossibly match the freely chosen spectator cards! Voila! A psychology and mentalism at its best! The stand is ungimmicked. No sleights. No false moves. Stand turned out of solid walnut. You will love performing this effect and mystifying your audience and entertains them as well. Effect comes with stand, blank cards, Sharpie marker and detailed instructions.

Other interesting facts….  These are all hand-made and indvidually designed from Air-Dried Black Walnut, from the Walnut Valley in Kansas.  There is NO Stain, it is all the natural wood burls!  Each set is individually numbered and signed.  Trust us you will NOT be dissapointed!

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