UFO Dice (Original) by Tricks Co., Toshio Akanuma

(c. 1975)
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Out of stock


One of the early classic Tricks Co. effects from the creative Japanese Magic Inventor and Owner of Tricks Co., Inc.:  Toshio Akanuma.

Effect: One red die and three green dice are shown. The red die is placed between two plates. The magician explains that the red die acts like a leader and the green dice must follow.

He picks up one of the green dice and causes it to vanish or simply places it into his pocket, and…..WOW!! the green die magically transfers to join the red die between the plates.

In a like manner the remaining green dice also magically transfer one at a time to between the plates.

All the props can be examined.This is a really eye popping piece of close up magic and yet, is very easy to do.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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