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Turtle Race by Harry Keyl, Keyl’s Magic

(c. 1989)
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Another beauty from the Dutch magic dealer and craftsman Harry Keyl.  This is a wonderful piece of micro-magic that packs neatly inside itself for storage – that’s right the racetrack turns into a case to carry it all!  It looks very similar to the work of the Dutch master Eddy Taytelbaum and this is the first one I have seen.

These were also sold by Supreme Magic Company and it was one of Edwin’s favorite effects and he would often carry the neat set in his pocket ready for the perfect opportunity to perform this adorable miracle 🙂

Effect: A smart perspex box contains four coloured ‘turtle’ plaques and a set of cards bearing correspondingly coloured spots. Three spectators each freely select a turtle and place it in position on the ‘race track’. The cards are shuffled and dealt by a spectator to determine the moves of the turtles.

The excitement builds up as the spectators get involved in the race. Unfailingly, the magician’s turtle wins the race! You can do it again and again! Remember, there is no force of turtles. The result can be different each time.

The little case/racetrack is 5-½” long, 2-5/8” wide and only 7/8” high. The little turtles are 5/8” long, 3/8” deep and ¼” high.

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