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Translucent Jokers (Ltd. Edition of 24 sets) by Airship Magic, Dominique Duvivier, Jeff Busby

(c. 1997)
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Dominique Duvivier created this effect c. 1997 and it was also known as Les Jokers Translucides. It was released by Jeff Busby shortly after as Translucent Jokers and Jeff wrote very detailed instructions for it.  It is not a difficult routine to master but it will take some time and practice to do it well. 

In 2020 Airship Magic released this version in a Limited Edition of 24 sets.  It remains faithful to the original with a nice quality Himber wallet included.  The only issue I had with the wallet was that things were a little snug, but I’m guessing that would improve quite quickly over time if you perform (or practice) the effect.

A very different and visual routine that slips into your pocket and is ready to go to amaze and amuse them all.  Airship include the Jeff Busby instructions – a full 13 page spread.

Effect: As the routine begins, you remove a small card case from your pocket, open it, and take out a small packet of cards. You tell the spectators you will show them some magic with a pair of Jokers and four cards that “had no chance.” Placing the pair of Jokers aside, you show four completely transparent pieces of plastic in the shape of cards. As you display each transparent card, you remark that the cards have no printing at all… they never had a chance to become cards!

A spectator freely selects either of the Jokers. You place the four transparent cards aside with the remaining Joker in a packet, so the face of the second Joker is visible through the transparent cards. After a gag with the selected Joker, you take a single transparent card and again display it openly. Then, you place it with the selected Joker, press them together, and the magic begins!

When you pull them apart, the spectators see the transparent card is now partly printed with the pip (the “dollar sign”) of the Joker on it! Putting the newly printed transparent card on the table, the spectators can now examine it if they want. (And, throughout the routine, as each transparent takes on an image, it can be handed for examination, if you wish.)

Taking the next transparent card, you put this with the selected Joker, then pull the Joker away. This time, the “Joker” legend prints on the transparent card! There’s a double effect, too – as the “Joker” legend prints on the transparent ard; that word vanishes from the Joker in your hand!

The pace of the routine now speeds up as you use the Joker and the third transparent card to print the background of the Bicycle Joker on it, leaving just the King riding the bicycle on the Joker in your hand! The Joker and the final transparent card lift that image off, printing it on the transparent card. You’re left holding a completely blank card which you toss to the table!

The finale of the routine leaves you with four transparent cards, each printed with part of the graphic image of the Joker, and a completely blank card. Everything is on the table and the spectators can examine all the cards!

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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