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Kent Bergmann has now released part two of the eagerly awaited sequel in the Dragon Trilogy saga. If you recall it all began with Trapped last year and now we have Trained which is an adorable story (if that is possible when talking about dragons). What I particularly like about the first two parts of the Dragon Trilogy is that Kent has taken two standard ideas, that have already been well served by the magic community, and breathed fresh life into them. It reminds me of what Robert Parrish did with his wonderful book Great Tricks Revisited.

Kent has shone the light on the following two classic effects:

and really created something new and exciting in their own rights, but by linking the effects together  in a trilogy (and a third soon to come) he has also created a new dimension for these effects which literally did not exist before in any of the previous forms of these effects.  That is one smart move for sure.

This effect begins with a reminder of where we left the Red Dragon last time:

The Red Dragon has been “Trapped” and now faces the grueling task of being “Trained” by the Wizard and the two training dragons; “Green” and “Blue”. 

Training is not going so well 🙁  The three Dragons Red, Blue, and Green are placed in the covered stand.  First Blue, next Green and then Red.  The cover is removed to reveal Red is out of order.  This is repeated with different outcomes.  Each time the Wizard gets more and more angry and eventually he removes all three Dragons from the training area and places them back in their quarters (drawer).  When the drawer is opened in the morning, the Red dragon is seen to have disappeared only to be found working alone on his training back in the Training area.  The wizard is satisfied and feels that the Red dragon has overcome his disruptive ways and is ready be trained for good.

Or is he?  Find out in the thrilling conclusion in Part Three of the Dragon Trilogy to be released soon.

Kent is also using the wonderful Madison Hagler to shoot the videos for both the effect and the explanation.  Madison has a very friendly and clear performance style and having the video at hand really helps out.

If you buy no other 3D Magic Works items you should buy these items in the Dragon Trilogy you will not be disappointed and they will not be available forever, so get them now while you still can.

Highly Recommended for Performers, Story Tellers, and Collectors.

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