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Traffic Chip by Per Clausen

(c. 2002)
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More solid brass chip magic from the Danish chip master himself: Per Clausen.

Effect: Poker chip changes colors, from red to yellow to green all the colors of the Traffic Light! … plus an added twist at the end where the single green chip changes into a half dollar and a green chip.

Routine: Doing magic is like a traffic light. Sometimes people say “STOP” like a RED light. To illustrate this a red chip is shown. But sometimes, people want to “WAIT”, like the YELLOW light. And the chip change color in the magician’s hand.

The chip is then placed in the spectators closed hands, and when he realizes that magic takes place in his own hand he say “GO”. Open the hand and find, that the chips has changed color again. Glittering “GREEN” on both side.

The chip can be examined right away. You now borrow a coin. This and the chip is placed in your closed hand. Remove the coin and put it into your pocket. It reappears in the hand with the chip. Then remove the chip and put it into your pocket. When you open the hand it is completely empty.

Everything can be examined.

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