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Time Element Cylinders (Time Control Capsules, Dosen mit Zeitzndung) by Lubor Fiedler

(c. 1972,1991,2002)
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Lubor Fiedler invented this effect c. 1972 when it was released as Dosen mit Zeitzndung. It was independently invented by Phil Matlin of Canada as Silver Sanctum c. 1979, and later released c. 1985 by Viking Mfg. as Sorcerer’s Stone and again c. 2007 by Viking as Sorcerer’s Stone Improved.  It was also released by Howard Schwarzmann Limited Editions c. 1991 as Lubor Fiedler’s Time Control Capsules, and again by Hank Lee c. 2002 when he purchased the Schwarzmann line.

As with so many of Lubor Fiedler’s ideas it is a brilliant and fundamental idea with many applications.  And based on the number of times it has been released and improved it clearly has some legs and has inspired some great minds.

Effect: Two highly-polished brass cylinders are placed on a table. A spectator is asked to place one in each of his trouser pockets.

While you are out of the room, the spectator hides a match in one of the cylinders and places it back in his pocket. There is no possible way for you to see, hear or feel what the spectator is doing. Despite all this, you unerringly choose the correct pocket which contains the cylinder and match!

  • Magician never touches the cylinders!
  • No magnets, transmitters, electronics, stooges or extra gimmicks of any kind!
  • A diabolical principle that baffles both magicians and laymen!

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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