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Thought Control by Richard Himber

(c. 1957)
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Out of stock


Richard Himber’s Thought Control is an idea that has been copied many times over the last 65+ years since it’s release. But the original still provides one of the cleanest methods to have any card freely chosen and then have the prediction handed to the spectator for them to open. This is made from “Cashmere Cowhide” (whatever that is) but it feels like a very soft and fine quality leather 🙂

If you have a Himber Wallet and Thought Control in your arsenal you could handle 80+% of all your wallet needs, all from one man 🙂

Effect: Here is another one from magic’s most prolific magic mind. Magician has a card freely selected from a deck of cards, that are clearly shown to be all different.

He then introduces a wallet and opening the wallet he takes out an envelope, this envelope is handed to spectator. (Magician does not touch the selected card or the envelope after this.)

Selected card is turned over and let’s say that the Ace of Diamonds was selected. Now spectator opens up the envelope and finds that the same card was also chosen by the magician from a totally different deck.

We highly recommend this Richard Himber miracle. Complete with wallet and cards.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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