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The Stones of Khufu by Magic Wagon, Simon Corneille, Andre Kole

(c. 1955,2019)
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I’m a huge fan of Andre Kole’s beautiful table top illusion the Atomic Stock Pile first released c. 1955 when he went by his real name Bob Gurtler.  It has been remade previously by Bill Adams’ World of Magic and Joe Long’s Limited Edition Magic but I must say this version by Magic Wagon in conjunction with Simon Corneille is perfect.  You can always tell when a winner comes out from Magic Wagon because there is not one but three videos available on youtube 🙂

This is really an incredible version and probably the best I have seen.  It looks amazing, works superbly and will fool any who are not in the know.  What also makes this really special is the detailed performance instructions provided by Simon Corneille they really make it easy to study and present this effect to its full effect.

Effect: The performer shows a small platform and three separate and ornate solid blocks. He then moves the top block to the right, and the bottom block in the other direction. Amazingly, the top two blocks remain precariously balanced on the bottom block! The performer then moves the bottom block almost completely out from under the middle block, closer to the back edge of the platform and the top block in the other direction, creating an even more impossible illusion! The performer then slowly slides the bottom block completely out from underneath the other two, yet the top two blocks defy gravity, remaining suspended in mid-air! The top block is then centered back on top of the middle block and they both continue to float above the platform. Now, after a dramatic pause, the performer takes a solid metal hoop and passes it completely over the floating blocks showing no visible means of support! It is a beautiful miniature illusion that gets gradually more mystifying with each step.

The Stones of Khufu is based on Andre Kole’s Fusion Illusion (Atomic Stock Pile) and Joe Long’s close-up version called The Micro Atomic Blocks.

The photos really do not do justice to this very elaborate piece of magic apparatus! This is, without question, one of the finest and most exquisitely detailed “Atomic Stock Pile” effects ever produced. It is absolutely stunning in appearance!

Each block measures approximately 6cms wide, 1.8cms high and 3cms deep. The platform measures approximately 12.5cms wide, 4.5cms high and 7cms deep. The hoop measures approximately 8cms in diameter. The entire outfit is extremely detailed and each set has been painstakingly and individually hand-crafted by our own exclusive artist.

Our special thanks to Mr. Simon Corneille for suggesting the ideas & consultations and for writing the instructions & routine.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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