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The Silent Witness by Jenzo Harmonics

(c. 2015)
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This is an amazing add-on to Tenyo’s Mystic Scope (T-230) by Tomoyuki Shimomura and really takes the effect to the next level and beyond. This is easily my favorite of the Jenzo Harmonics effects I have seen, and apparently is quite popular. There is no force and yet you can predict two levels of outcome – who was the killer and how did they do it. And once you get comfortable with the basic version there is also an advanced version to squeeze even more out of the effect.

Performed in the right setting this will 100% freak out the audience, it looks so genuine with such authentic looking props. Effects like this are few and far between for sure.

Normally this does not come with Mystic Scope, but not only does this version come with Mystic Scope, I have taken the time to assemble all the pieces so that everything is complete and ready to perform.

Effect: You present your spectator with some evidence from a murder which happened over 100 years ago. You may wish to say that the victim was a distant relative of yours and that you have inherited an antique eyeglass which belonged to them (the mystic scope’). You say that the culprit was never caught but that there were four main suspects.

At this point you display the four photographs from the evidence envelope, and say: “Could you please look at these four faces and use your gut instinct to choose which you think is the killer”

As they are looking bring out the four frames from behind the stand and lay them out on the table. Say; “Could you please mix these four frames please before we conduct our line-up.”

“Now you have mixed the frames, which of the suspects did your gut tell you was the killer?”

Once the selected photograph has been placed in the frame and the frames placed in the stand you are ready to perform the next step. Bring out the Scope from behind the stand, “Here is an antique eyeglass which belonged to the victim. Perhaps if we look at the suspects through an item the deceased has looked through they can guide us to the killer.”

Hand the spectator the scope and ask them to look through it at the photographs and see if they’notice anything different. They shouldn’t notice anything but those who are slightly more susceptible to the power of suggestion may ‘see’ some slight difference, make a mental note to do a Ouija board with them at some point in the future.

“Perhaps we need some more evidence to help rouse the spirits. In front of you are some items found at the scene ofthe crime, could you please once more use your gut instincts and select one. Now please place it on the shelf underneath your suspect”

“Could you take one last look at the suspects and see if adding something from the crime scene has helped find the spirit of the victim”

Magic ensues….

“It looks like your instincts were right. The spirit has shown us one suspect, the one you chose, they must be the killer. It feels like they have left us a message, I think they are trying to tell us how they died…”

At this point you have four possible outcomes to reveal the chosen weapon and finish the trick.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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