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The Ring on Sword Illusionette by Magiro, Howard Schwarzman

(c. 1983)
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This is another effect invented by Magiro that Howie Schwarzman sold, through his Limited Editions Magic line, without recognition to Magiro.  He did the same thing with Cubes of Cagliostro saying that both items were Hand-made in ItalyThe Ring on Sword Illusionette is actually a copy of Magiro’s Cleopatras Ring.

Even without the credit it is still a wonderful effect. The method is quite unique in the world of Sword Thru Ring effects though it does take a little practice to make it smooth and you are not as free to show the items as in some other effects. In particular neither the sword nor the ring can be examined.

Effect: A small cabinet is shown on all sides. There is a sliding door in its front and there is a miniature sword embedded in the top. The magician removes the sword from the top, exhibits it briefly then lays it down on the table beside the cabinet. The front panel is slid up and away from the cabinet revealing a brass ring lying inside on the floor. The magician exhibits the ring showing it to be unbroken then replaces it on the cabinet’s floor. The front panel is slid into place concealing them mysterious event that is to cake place within.

The magician picks up the sword and boldly thrusts it through two small holes n the sides of the cabinet near its top. A few magic passes and incantations are proffered and the front panel is removed to reveal a wonderful sight:

The Ring has risen from the floor, penetrated the steel blade and is suspended thereon!

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