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The Ring and Box Trick (Kenard Mystery Box) by Mel Babcock

(c. 1941,1995)
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Out of stock


Kenard first sold his Mystery Box (Ring on Wand) c. 1941 and it has been made my many dealers ever since.  Sometimes Kenard is spelt with two ‘n’s as in Kennard – this is incorrect. His name was Kenard and he was a wholesale magic manufacturer (Kenard Novelty Co.), inventor and dealer in New York City (Kenard’s Magic Shop) in the 1930’s – 1950’s.

Mel Babcock’s version is the prettiest version of this effect I have seen, with rich hardwoods and wonderful inlays.

Effect: A ring is openly placed in a small box and the door to the box is closed. The box is shaken so the ring can be heard to rattle freely. A wooden rod, miniature wand, or drinking straw is threaded through the holes on each side of the box. When the doors are opened, the ring is found to be suspended on the rod between the sides of the box.


  • Custom made box
  • metal ring
  • Chop stick or use your own miniature wand.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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