The Pearl Maidens (Die Perlen-Taucherinnen) by Tony Lackner, Eckhard Boettcher

(c. 1982)
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What an adorable version of the classic Thieves and Sheep or Cops and Robbers theme by the great German craftsman Tony Lackner, routined perfectly by Eckhard Boettcher.  This is a good time to remember the producers of magic – so often we think of the craftsmen who make these wonderful effects, but often there are other people involved that create the routine, patter, and bring the item to market.  With the possible exception of Ken Brooke and his right hand man Roy Johnson,  I don’t think there has been anyone finer than Eckhard Boettcher in this regard.  So many of the effects he works on start of as good and become real miracles after he has finished.

When I look at some modern companies like Magic Wagon – they create amazing props, but many of the items they produce don’t reach their full potential because Magic Wagon don’t have a full-time Eckhard Boettcher.  They have some part-time producers like Simon Corneille and Tony Curtis, but they often miss the mark on a perfect item simply  due to the routine. Even Thomas Pohle, who had great success with Eckhard in the 1980’s and 1990’s, doesn’t always find his stride without him.  Though I would say that Joe Long, who is no slouch in this regard, does a great job working with Thomas.  They make a good team for sure.

Effect: The magician shows two small screens, two figures of Indian girls (one dressed in a red robe, the other maroon) and five pearls. The figures of the girls are set behind the screens and the pearls divided equally between them.

Although the spectators are certain that the pearls are divided between the two, the screens are knocked over and all five pearls are seen to be with the one girl and none with the other. This sequence will fool those familiar with the standard routine.

The effect is then repeated, as the pearls are once again clearly divided between the two…yet when the screens are knocked over this time all five pearls have traveled and are now with the other girl. It’s a fun routine and a fooler that rarely comes up for sale.

In good condition with some minor paint wear. Perfect for display or performance.

A really fun piece of micro magic!

With the original German instructions that include 10 line drawing illustrations which make the working easily understood along with a brief English explanation. Also includes the original packing box to transport the pieces safely.

(Description supplied with permission by Joe Long)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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