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The Patriotic Silk Cabby by Michael Baker

(c. 1933,2020)
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The Silk Cabby was invented by British Magician Tom Sellers c. 1933 in his booklet More Secrets, and it was originally called A Colour Change Handkerchief Box. Described in Dr. Albo 6, and also with historical detail in The Ultimate Thayer (pg. 71). The the name Silk Cabby was coined by Floyd Thayer as he advertised his first version November 1933.

This colorful and beautiful version was created by Michael Baker exclusively for Stevens Magic. As always with Michael’s creations he has added features that he has refined over the years as a long time performer.  This Silk Cabby does not use the older elevator method which means the mechanism is smoother and less error prone.  Michael has also added felt to dampen any sounds, a larger chamber to accommodate bigger loads, and uses magnets for the doors to streamline opening and closing the doors.  In addition, the box is painted in such a way that from a short distance it appears that the base is open, making the illusion even stronger.

Effect: Three individual 18″ silks are shown, (Red-White-Blue) one at a time and are placed inside the Cabby, after both sides of the Cabby are dropped down to show an empty insides. The performer then asks; “What do the colors red-white and blue make you think of?” Of course … the American Flag!! At the appropriate time, the front door of the Cabby is dropped to reveal a huge American flag and the (3) individual silks have transposed into the USA flag! Can be performed with music for a much greater audience effect! Can be performed with the spoken word and an American theme!

Flag silk is 24″ x 36″ and is a Silk King Studio silk, (they don’t make them this good today)! Cabby is; 6″ tall 8″ long 4″ wide This excellent effect is good for all types of audiences at all ages! Use your own patter as the cabby can vanish or appear any silks at any time!

Excellent for any type silk magic. Vanishes, productions, etc. (Large load)

ONLY 13 sets have been made!

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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