The Orb of Time (1 of only 3 made) by Michael Baker

(c. 2014)
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Here is another work of art from Michael Baker and only three of these were ever made.  As is often the case with Michael’s creations he spared no expense or time in the creation of this remarkable miracle.  Every panel has a different picture and the colors are rich and intoxicating.

The method is as clever as the props are beautiful and there is a lot going on to create the perfect illusion of an impossible transposition from the large cabinet to the small.  Even though right up to the last second you can show the orb is inside the large cabinet, it magically transports itself to the smaller cabinet.

Effect: What your audience will witness is an impossible transposition of a large silver orb from one location to another.

Begin with the cabinets separated and the ball on display nearby. Show the small cabinet to be a hollow tube. Lower it over the ball and reach through and remove the ball by pulling it upward through the tube. Place the smaller cabinet into the larger. Now place the ball into all to demonstrate how everything fits together.

Now remove the small cabinet and set it atop the tray base off to the side. Display the ball in the large cabinet. Show the small cabinet to be empty. On the large cabinet the magic happens and you unlatch the four walls and lower them to display the empty interior. Finally raise the panel on the small cabinet to show the ball has returned.

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