The Mummy by Eddy Taytelbaum

(c. 1967)
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If there is one effect that seems to capture the imagination of all Magic Collectors surely it is The Mummy or Wandering Mummy routine.   The finest example of The Mummy has to be this amazing beauty created by Eddy Taytelbaum.

Between 1964 and 1966 Eddy Taytelbaum was shown either Inzani-Henley’s or Oskar Rey’s set by a friend and was requested to create a unique version. Which of course Eddy did, producing what many collectors consider not only the finest Mummy version, but arguably one of the prettiest and most collectible examples of micro magic ever produced.

My patter based upon the Dr. Albo text and Inzani Henly’s Mummy:

In the 1950’s there were four explorers who ventured into the tomb of an ancient Pharaoh. They went deeper than any previous expedition and discovered an undisturbed sarcophagus. They lifted the lid and found a gold bar. One of the explorers took the gold bar and tried to decipher the message on the bar, leaving the remaining three to uncover the Mummy beneath.

They removed the Mummy’s coffin and turned over the coffin to see if there were any markings or messages on the bottom. But they found nothing. They were just about to return the Mummy to the coffin when the first explorer rushed in. He was as white as a ghost and shouted: “This is terrible! The message reads: If ever I am disturbed the curse of death will fall upon you!”

Naturally, all four explorers were freaked out by this news and they carefully replaced
the Mummy back into the coffin. But what happened then scared them even more. The Mummy just floated in the Coffin. They all saw this as proof that the curse was coming true, so they quickly replaced the coffin into the sarcophagus. Returned the gold bar and closed the sarcophagus. Leaving the tomb as undisturbed as possible. They made their way back to their main camp and told the other explorers what had happened. Their colleagues needed evidence and visited the ancient tomb themselves. They found the sarcophagus, and lifted the lid and the gold bar, but there was no sign of the Mummy anywhere – just an empty coffin. So, none of their colleagues believed the tale and even the four explorers were having doubts now.

However, over the next 12 months three of the four explorers all met with sudden and fatal accidents. The only remaining explorer knew he had to break the curse, otherwise he would be next. So, he returned to the tomb looking for evidence of the Mummy. None could be found. He then discovered another passage and inside a second sarcophagus. The explorer was hoping to find the Mummy but when he lifted the lid the sarcophagus was empty.

The explorer almost gave up until he noticed there was a message embedded on the lid of the sarcophagus. He was able to decipher it and smiled when he read the words: “Have no fear, Mummy’s here!” He lifted the lid again and now inside was the Mummy returned. He placed the mummy the first sarcophagus and replaced everything as before.

The final explorer was able to break the curse and lived happily for another fifty years, but he never disturbed Mummy’s ever again.

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