The Miracles Trilogy by Eric C. Lewis

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It has been said that “The Eric Lewis Trilogy represents the largest and finest collection of original magic ever published.” In 1980 it began with A Choice of Miracle. Magicians from around the world instantly recognized this as an important monument to their art. Through Eric they were given a first hand look at the magical history sur­rounding men like Robert Harbin, Dante. John Ramsay, and Will Goldston. Dozens of anecdotes as could only be told by this master story teller accompany the many original effects that are described in detail.

A Continuation of Miracles is Part II of this trilogy. The high standards set in Volume I are con­tinued in this new book of magic and history. In documenting his life during the war years, the author gives his readers a unique view of the English magic world. Whether you enjoy children’s magic, mentalism, close-up, plat­form, stage, comedy or serious magic, A Continuation of Miracle will satisfy even the most ravenous appetite for commercial and historical effects.

In Volume III the story con­tinues until Eric’s move from England to California in 1968. The completed trilogy will hold a valued spot in all great magical libraries of the world. The secrets and stories of one of this century ‘s great inventors, writers and performers will have been saved for all future generations.

This lot contains all three Miracles books:

  1. A Choice of Miracles by Eric C. Lewis – ($95)
  2. The Crowning Miracles by Eric C. Lewis – ($95)
  3. A Continuation of Miracles by Eric C. Lewis – ($95)

Approx. Total Retail: $285

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