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The Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe (Antique) by Paul McCaig, J.C. Moore

(c. 2014)
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What a wonderful upgrade to Paul McCaig’s amazing Mind’s Eye Box, J.C. Moore (Mooreni) has really outdone himself with this beauty. The original version definitely had some old world charm but this deluxe version is much more solidly built and really takes your breath away. If you look at the last few photos you can see how this compares with the original box and it is a little taller and larger all around, which makes it more useful to store items for your act. If you had a choice you would always pick this version of the Mind’s Eye Box – it is beautiful and practical.

What impresses me about this box is that there are no moving parts, no electronics, no magnets, nothing to add to take away, no reset, and yet you are ready to go right away – arrive at the event, pull out your box, take our your tarot cards and other things you store in the box and straight away you can start to read their minds.  What a lovely idea, and will last a lifetime – even if you leave it on your shelf for years before using it!

Inspired by Magnuson’s Devil Device box, as featured in Theodore Annemann’s book Practical Mental Magic (Effects) and also described in The Jinx #89 But unlike the Devil Device there are no moving parts, or the need to touch the box after the spectator had placed their written details inside.  It also doesn’t have some of the angle issues that the original Devil Device had.

Effect: From the mind of Paul McCaig (Psychic Mentality) combined with the artistry and engineering of J.c Moore (Mooreni) comes the Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe!

This piece takes the concept behind Paul McCaig’s original Mind’s Eye Box to a new level. Mooreni has carefully crafted this box from beautiful Cherry and Wenge hardwoods. Two bands of Wenge, a dark brown almost black exotic wood, wrap the lower portion of the box adding a touch of contrast and eloquence to its design. The wider band of Wenge features a decorative groove detail which goes all they way around the box. The inside box is fully lined in luxurious black velvet cut to the contour of the box’s shape. The outside of the box is finished in a hand rubbed oil giving it a smooth satin finish. Beautiful aged hardware adorn the box and create a victorian feel.

Paul’s original concept for the Mind’s Eye Box was to have a box which could be used to transport tools of the trade to and from a performance: small books, playing cards, tarot decks, crystals…whatever items you may be using in that day’s work. The Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe interior measures approximately 155mm x 124mm x 92mm (6 1/8” x 4 7/8” x 3 9/16”), so it can accommodate a number of curious and mysterious items. Simply remove all of the items, or each item one at a time, as needed. The box may be completely emptied and may even be shown as such if desired.

At anytime during your reading performance, you ask one of your participants to secretly write upon a card…a number, a date, a name, a simple question, or any other bit of private information. With the Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe lid closed and latched, the card is then placed by the individual into the box via the thin ballot slot in the box’s lid. Whenever you are ready and without touching the box at all, you can access the content of the participant’s written thought and reveal it in whichever way suits your performance setting and style.

Mooreni has taken the original design and crafted a masterpiece of deception!

The box may be casually viewed from all around, all sides, as it rest on the table innocently awaiting performance. The design of the ballot slot in the box lid allows for a card the size of a standard playing card to be inserted either horizontally or vertically into the box and is also configured to prevent viewing through the slot of what the card may have written upon it. The Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe is crafted to be as inconspicuous as possible with easy set up and function. The mechanics of the box are precise and simple with no moving parts involved. It is as suited for Stage as it is for Parlour or Séance settings.

The Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe comes with everything required to deliver the secret information to you instantly, time after time!

What you will receive:

  • The Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe (Antique)
  • A starter deck of Bicycle Double Blank Playing cards
  • Instructions
  • A beautiful custom cloth storage bag for your Mind’s Eye Box Deluxe

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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