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The Mind’s Eye Box by Paul McCaig

(c. 2013)
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Estimated: $175 - $325
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Item condition: Used

Winning Bid: $182.00


What impresses me about this box is that there are no moving parts, no electronics, no magnets, nothing to add to take away, no reset, and yet you are ready to go right away – arrive at the event, pull out your box, take our your tarot cards and other things you store in the box and straight away you can start to read their minds.  What a lovely idea, and will last a lifetime – even if you leave it on your shelf for years before using it!

This is a vintage-looking box in which the mentalist carries the tools of his trade: playing cards, tarot cards, etc. A participant writes something down on a blank card and inserts it face down into the slot of the closed box. The mentalist then accesses the spectators thoughts without touching the box! An ingenious, hand-crafted wooden box about 18 x 14 x 10 cm. Comes with a velour bag which may or may not be used during the performance.  This is the original Mind’s Eye Box which has been discontinued and not the later more decorative versions. Ideal for close-up but could be used for parlor or stage.

Inspired by Magnuson’s Devil Device box, as featured in Theodore Annemann’s book Practical Mental Magic (Effects) and also described in The Jinx #89 But unlike the Devil Device there are no moving parts, or the need to touch the box after the spectator had placed their written details inside.  It also doesn’t have some of the angle issues that the original Devil Device had.

(Notice: this was pulled from the last auction as an issue was found with the box.  It has been repaired and is better than ever, but just to be sure I have removed the reserve.  These are new photos taken of the actual box and it looks and functions as good as new.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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