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The Magic Pendulum by Georges Proust, Academie De Magie

(c. 1987)
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The original version of this effect was invented by the genius Robert Harbin c. 1946 as Dippy Magnet. The Dutch Micro Magic master, Eddy Taytelbaum, created a stunning version which earned him third place at the 1961 FISM Close-Up/Card Competition.  Another beautiful version was built by Carl Williams in the Okito-Williams style.

This version by Georges Proust though not as pretty as Carl’s is still very well made and is a lot cheaper and more practical to actually perform.  There are five routines included and some interesting ideas that I’m sure you will find one to use and perform.

Effect: The performer produces either standard cards or if desired tarot cards and has a spectator select one of them which can be signed if so desired. The cards are cut and returned to (in this example) a small stack of say 10 cards.

The cards are then dealt face down horizontally one after the other. The magician or bizarrist then removes the gold colored pendulum. He places the pendulum on the top of each card, and then this continues to the next card until when the magician attempts to lift the pendulum off from the card, the card actually adheres to the pendulum! It is visually suspended in air and when the magician removes the card – sure enough it is indeed the spectators signed and chosen card.

Comes with a heavy metal magnetic pendulum measuring 1.8 ounces the likes of which you can’t find of this quality but it also features a very special unique box that it is housed in that is much more than just a storage container but in fact an integral part of the system that will allow you to perform a variety of close-up miracles.

Comes with original instructions from respected French illustrator who also has provided his work on his own rare book of illusions – James Hodges. The illustrated instructions provide not just one method but FIVE methods for achieving this effect. Comes with everything needed to perform the effects provided within.

(Notice: use your own playing deck of cards or Tarot cards as they are ungimmicked.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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