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The Lost Notebooks of John Northern Hilliard by John Northern Hilliard, The Genii Corporation

(c. 2001)
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Effect: In a hotel somewhere in the Midwest, Howard Thurston’s advance man has finished his dogged work for the day and, as dusk falls, he clicks on the lamp and slips a piece of paper into his portable typewriter. He begins to tap out descriptions of tricks for a book he’s been dreaming of writing for over a decade. At this moment, in 1928, he doesn’t have a title or a publisher, but he’s the happiest guy in the world.

Tonight he’s eagerly typing up tricks by Al Baker and Ted Annemann, both of whom he saw in New York City a few days earlier. Last week it was miracles by Stewart Judah, S. Leo Horowitz, and Dai Vernon. He spends seven years collecting the most staggering miracles of the day from the most prominent magicians.

Though extremely ill in 1933 and 1934, he keeps this to himself and, despite his precarious health, continues traveling around the country, working for Thurston during the day and collecting tricks for his masterwork in the evening. He types late into the night.

In 1935 John Northern Hilliard died suddenly while in a hotel room in Indianapolis. When the book on which he had worked for so many years, Greater Magic, was eventually published in 1938, hundreds of the tricks Hilliard had collected were nowhere to be found. There was a great hubbub about the missing material. A number of magicians entered the hotel room where he died … perhaps one of them left with something?

A decade ago a box full of old magic catalogues was sold at an auction in middle America. At the bottom of this box, and not even listed in the contents, were two old notebooks-hundreds of typed pages in brown leatherette bindings. The lost notebooks of John Northern Hilliard had been found.

At 300 over-sized pages, with almost 300 tricks, this magnificent volume is the perfect companion for anyone who has spent happy hours reading Greater Magic. 60 tricks by Al Baker, dozens by Stewart Judah, 10 tricks by S. Leo Horowitz, 30 tricks by Ted Annemann, with hundreds more from Dai Vernon, Cyril Yettmah, Jack Merlin, Gerald Kosky, Eugene Laurent, Ching Ling Foo, Stanley Collins, John Northern Hilliard, Paul LePaul, Michael F. Zens, and many more.

11 Notebook one. Judah Section: Being Material, Original, and Otherwise, Gathered from Stewart Judah of Cincinnati.
5 The Magic Square Mnemonic System for Remembering Numbers in Squares
9 The Five Pellets and Cards Trick
9 Judah’s Improvement on his Pellet Trick
11 Hunter’s False Shuffle
11 The Torn and Restored Card with a Borrowed Deck
12 Judah’s Card Force
13 Stewart Judah’s Original Check Trick
15 Reverse Card Tricks: First Effect
15 Reverse Card Tricks: Second Effect
15 Reverse Card Tricks: Third Effect
16 Judah’s “Fifteen” Card Trick
17 Eugene Laurent’s Method
18 The Zens Pocket to Pocket Trick
20 Judah’s “Think ‘Stop’ Trick”
22 A New Judah Trick
22 Judah’s Clock Trick
23 Rouge Et Noir (Wright & Larsen)
24 Rouge Et Noir (Stewart Judah)
25 Variation on an Old Theme (Judah)
26 Variations on an Old Theme, No.2
26 Reversed Card Trick
27 Judah’s Clock Trick (With Ace of Spades as Pointer)
28 Judah’s Improvement on Impey’s “Say ‘When’” Card Trick
29 Card on Handkerchief (as performed by Leslie Guest)
29 The Secret of the Swami (Leslie Guest)
29 Stewart Judah’s Routine
30 The Triangle (Stewart Judah)
30 Judah’s Four Envelopes
32 Judah Want Ad Test
34 Judah’s Four Ace Trick
35 Vernon’s Princess Card Trick
35 Another Vernon Princess Card Routine
35 A Mnemonic Trick (Al Baker)
36 Judah Four Aces, Latest 4 Ace Trick
37 A Variation of the Stanley Collins’s Four Ace Trick Slide Principle
39 Four Ace Trick (Stewart Judah)
39 Al Baker’s Spelling Set Up
40 The Four Aces (Henry Huber’s Method)
43 My Favorite Ace Trick (Jack Merlin)
46 The 4 Queens
49 A Four Ace Routine (Gerald Kosky)
50 Dice & Card
52 A Baffling Slate Trick
53 Al Baker’s Wonderful Four Cards and Four Pellets Mystery
55 Another Subtle Al Baker Mystery
56 Judah’s Four Pellet Prediction
60 Dai Vernon’s Force
60 Judah’s Poker Chip Trick
63 Odd and Even
64 Judah’s Letter Trick
71 Al Baker Section: Being Original Material Gathered from Al Baker of Brooklyn Al Baker is the Most Ingenious Mind in Modern Magic
71 Al Baker’s Cut and Restored Ribbon
72 Al Baker’s Coin in Envelope
72 Al Baker’s Switch of Decks
73 Al Baker’s Levitation of a Dollar Bill
73 Al Baker’s Untieing Handkerchief Knot
74 Mind Reading Card Trick (Al Baker’s Pellet Trick)
75 Another Al Baker Pellet Trick
76 Mind Reading Card Trick (Al Baker’s Own Written Description)
78 Mind Reading Card Trick No.2 (Al Baker)
79 Al Baker’s Card Force (No.1)
79 Al Baker’s Hat and Three Banknotes
80 Al Baker’s Vanish of a Dollar Bill (For Brema Bill Tube)
80 An Al Baker Card Force (No.2)
80 An Al Baker Crimp
80 Al Baker’s Newspaper Mystery
81 “Think ‘Stop’”! (An Al Baker Card Trick)
82 Al Baker’s Three Card and Pellet Mystery
82 Al Baker’s Glass of Water and Coin
83 Al Baker’s Chinese Rings (Without Key-ring)
83 Baker’s Handkerchief Tie (Horowitz Handkerchief Trick)
84 Al Baker’s Sympathetic Silks
84 Al Baker’s Dye Tube
85 Al Baker’s Five Nickels
85 Al Baker’s Spelling Trick
86 Spirit Photograph Card (Al Baker’s Method of Performing Ducrot’s Trick)
86 Al Baker’s Divining Knife
87 Al Baker’s Telephone Directory Trick
87 Al Baker’s Untying Handkerchief
88 Al Baker’s Cigarette Trick (Card in Cigarette)
89 Cutting Same Number of Cards Counted (Al Baker)
89 Al Baker’s Rising Cards
90 The Torn and Restored Strip of Paper (Al Baker)
90 To Spell a Mentally Chosen Card (Al Baker)
90 A Pretty Paper Trick (Al Baker)
91 Pack That Cuts Itself (Al Baker)
92 Method of Getting Rid of Flap While in Audience (Al Baker)
92 How to Get Name Wanted on Examined Slate (Al Baker)
93 Two Person Slate Test (Al Baker)
95 Al Baker’s Billet Test
97 Al Baker’s Billet Reading Extraordinary
98 Mathematical Number Trick (Al Baker)
99 Thought Foretold (Al Baker)
101 An Al Baker Card Trick
101 Al Baker’s Version of the Old Ten-Card Trick
102 Another Baker Twist to the Old-Ten Card Trick
103 An Al Baker Card Trick With Two Prearranged Packs
103 Card from Hat (Al Baker)
104 Card in Pocketbook (Al Baker)
104 The Pack that Cuts Itself (Al Baker)
104 Poker Face (Al Baker)
105 Forcing a Short Card (Al Baker)
105 A Transmission Code (Al Baker)
105 Second Sight For Two People (Al Baker)
105 Dead Name Trick (Al Baker)
106 Al Baker’s Reverse Cards (With Waxed Cards)
106 Al Baker’s Card Out of a Hat (Old Method)
107 Card, Cornucopia, and Pellet (Al Baker)
107 Al Baker’s Cornucopia for Getting Rid of Torn Card Pieces, Etc.
108 Al Baker’s Routine for the Torn and Restored Napkin
108 Al Baker’s Short Cut Computing in a Pre-Arranged Pack
108 “Houdini’s Escape” (Al Baker)
108 Al Baker’s Saturday Evening Post Trick (An Addition)
109 Al Baker’s Force
109 Al Baker’s 20th Century Handkerchief Trick
110 Al Baker’s Torn and Restored Magazine Page
111 Mental Trick with Cards, 2 Persons (Al Baker)
111 A Mental Trick (Al Baker)
111 Trick with Svengali Pack (Al Baker)
112 An Al Baker Trick
114 Card in Wallet—New Method
115 A New Twist to the Cigarette Paper Trick
116 The Bending Coin
116 Fan Location (Horowitz)
116 Baker’s False Shuffle
117 Two Mental Card Tricks (A La Moe)
119 Al Baker’s Handkerchief Knot (note)
119 The Miniature Card and Shell Coin (note with Baker idea)
119 Chair Balancing with Thread (Baker idea)
119 Baker’s Two Person Stunt with Cards. “Mind Reading”
120 Baker’s Card Trick with Prearranged Deck (& Envelopes)
122 “A Pretty Paper Trick” (Al Baker’s Torn and Restored Paper Ribbon)
122 Horowitz’ Palm of One Card
122 Horowitz’ Palm of Several Cards
122 Horowitz’ Location
122 Horowitz’ Princess Card Trick
123 Horowitz’ Four Reverse Cards and Drawn Card
123 Al Baker’s 30 Card Trick
123 Dave Vernon’s Red and Blue Pack Mystery
124 Al Baker’s Two Card Trick
124 Al Baker’s “Houdini” Escape
124 Baker’s Tearing a Bill (A La Paul Rossini)
125 An Al Baker Effect with a Stripper Deck
125 An Al Baker Mnemonic Trick
125 Baker’s Two Person Transmission Trick
125 Baker’s 10 Card & Envelopes
125 Leslie Guest’s Transmission
126 Horowitz, A Great Trick
127 Al Baker’s Clock
127 Okito’s “Boy’s Card in Hand”
128 Al Baker’s Location
128 Horowitz’ Two Pack Trick
128 Horowitz’ Two Reverse Card Tricks
129 Horowitz’ 4 Jacks, Or the 4 Burglars
132 The Annemann Section: Subtle Effects Devised by Annemann of New York
132 Annemann’s Routine with Reversed Cards
132 Annemann—Trick Transposition
133 Annemann’s Blue & Red Card Transposition
134 Annemann’s Two Pack Tricks: Sympathy
135 Annemann’s Color Changing Deck
136 Annemann’s Four Ace
140 Annemann’s Improvement on the Changing Bag
140 Annemann’s Suggestion for the Brema Nut Trick
140 Remote Control (Annemann)
141 Remote Control Improved (Orville Meyer)
142 The Dollar Cigarette Challenge (Annemann)
143 The Thought Card
145 Annemann’s Spelling Trick (No.1)
145 Annemann’s Famous Five Card Trick
146 Red or Black (With 14 Cards)
146 Annemann’s Three Pack Trick
146 Annemann’s Reversed Card Principle
147 Annemann’s Spread Card Trick
147 An Annemann Card Mystery
148 Annemann’s Method of Finding Cads at a certain number in the pack, combining two methods—thus being able to repeat an effect
149 Annemann’s Reversible Card Effect
149 An Annemann Card Mystery
150 Annemann’s Spelling Trick (No.2)
150 Annemann’s Red and Blue Deck Mystery
151 Annemann’s Dead or Alive (With Al Baker’s Slate)
152 Annemann’s Two Card Reverse
153 Annemann’s New “Think ‘Stop’” Trick
154 Annemann’s Pellet Trick
155 Annemann’s Premier Book Test
157 Annemann’s Traveling Thought Card
160 Annemann’s Nightmare Effects
notebook TWO
164 Yettmah Section: Being Material Gathered from Cyril Yettmah, the English Magician, During his American Tour with Thurston, Season of 1928 to 1929
164 Cut and Restored Turban
167 Yettmah’s Cigarette, Card, and Envelope
169 Yettmah’s Thread Trick
169 Ching Ling Foo’s Original Method of Holding and Releasing Bowls of Water, Pails of Water, and Other Big Objects for Production Under Cloths
170 Yettmah’s Coin Fold
174 The Living or the Dead Problem: Being Material Gathered from Various Sources Having to do with this Special Effect, Commonly Known as “The Dead Name” Trick
174 The Living and Dead Problem
175 Al Baker’s Living and Dead name Trick (No.1)
175 Another Method (No.2) (Al Baker)
176 Living and Dead Problem as Presented by Al Baker (His Own Written Explanation)
178 Living and Dead Problem (No.3) (Al Baker’s Third Method)
179 The Dead Name
180 Two People Code (Greta Annemann’s Code) (Hilliard’s Code)
180 Bill Test
181 Dead and Alive Name Trick (With Credit to Annemann)
182 The Quick and the Dead (Stanley Collins) (No.1)
182 The Quick and the Dead (Stanley Collins) (No.2)
183 Annemann’s Spirit Answer
184 Charles Peet’s Living and Dead Test (From an Annemann Performance)
184 Living and Dead Test (Charles Peet’s Own Description)
188 Harry Price Description
188 Raising the Dead (Eddie Joseph)
190 Holmes’ New Handkerchief Stand (Donald Holmes)
190 Cards in the Hat (Donald Holmes)
191 Abbott’s Spiritualistic Trick
191 Abbott’s 3 Slates
192 Donald Holmes’ Rising Cards
193 Holmes Additional Effect to the Judah Reversed Pack
193 Jess Mueller’s Spelling Trick Behind the Back
193 Mueller’s 30 Card Trick
193 Mueller’s Trick at the Table with 2 Half Dollars
194 –Chapter on Two People Stuff
194 –Mental Magic
194 An Original Slate and Number Test (Al Baker)
196 Mnemonic Card Trick (With Assistant)
197 An Original Magazine Test (Hilliard)
199 A Telepathic Experiment
199 Ashes (Chris Van Bern)
200 Oriental Ashes (Tom Sellers)
201 The Divination Miracle
206 A “Mental” Test
208 Al Baker’s “Two Souls with but a Single Thought”
208 Al Baker’s Card Discovery
208 Judah’s Routine for “Two Souls” Trick
209 “Two Souls with but a Single Thought” (John N. Hilliard’s Routine)
210 “Two Souls with but a Single Thought” (Al Baker’s Own Explanation)
211 “Two Souls with but a Single Thought” (George Pughe’s Method)
212 Hilliard’s Version—with Prearranged pack
214 “Two Souls with but a Single Thought” (A New Al Baker Version)
215 “Two Souls with but a Single Thought” (Judah’s Version of Al Baker’s
218 Prediction (Arnold)
218 Variation by J.N.H
219 LePaul’s Card Trick
220 The Prediction (From Linking Ring)
220 “Stop” (From Linking Ring)
222 Card System Section: Being Material Gathered Having to do with Card Effects Based on a Prearrangement of the Pack Such as the Si Stebbins Arrangement, etc.
222 The Educated Cards (Gibson)
222A Puzzler (Gibson)
224 Special Cards & Packs (Essay)
224 –Longs & Shorts
224 –Biseaute or Tapering Cards
226 –A New Long Card Pack (Victor Farelli)
227 –Cornered Cards
227 –Marked Cards
229 –List of Special Packs
230 Special Packs (Essay)
230 –Strippers
230 –Svengali
231 –The “Mene-Tekel” or Self-Shifting Pack
231 –The Color-Changing Pack
232 –The Svengali or Self-Forcing Deck (Essay)
233 –Rogers’ “Ever-Ready” Forcing Pack
234 Card Trick using the Svengali Deck
235 The Self-Shifting Pack (And a Trick Therewith)
236 The Instanto Deck (Billy O’ Conner)
237 The Short and Narrow Pack
237 The Short and Wide Pack (Al Baker’s Favorite Deck)
237 The “Revelation Pack” (Walter Gibson)
238 Arthur Buckley’s System for Getting a Card at any Number
239 The Rouge Et Noir with a Stripper Deck (Judah)
240 The “Ne Plus Ultra” Card Trick (Ernest Noakes)
242 Card Systems (With the use of Prearranged Packs)
242 Ireland’s Systemless System
244 “Two in a Pocket” (Wright and Larsen)
246 “Miraco” (Edward Bagshawe)
247 Super Mental Card Effect
248 Satan’s Trance
249 Clement De Lion on Card Systems and Prearranged Decks (From Sphinx)
250 Coluria (Charles T. Jordan) 250
250 The Card and Number Mystery (Jordan)
251 A Baffling Card Trick
251 Naming a Chosen Card (Gibson)
252 The Clock Trick
252 “Suitability” (Larsen and Wright)
254 Paul Braden (Le Paul) System
255 Tricks with Prearranged Packs: Separate Card Effects and Routines with the Si Stebbins System of Arranging a Pack
255 A.F. Bowen’s Routine
257 Suggestions for Tricks with Prearranged Packs
260 Chapter on Poker Deals
260 The Stud Poker Deal
260 Gambling Game with Cards
261 High and Low Card
261 The #31 Game with Dice
262 The “Thirty-One” Card Trick (A Counting Puzzle)
263 The Drunken Poker Player or Drunken Gambler (Stewart Judah)
263 A Fake Run Up Poker Hand (Jack Merlin)
263 Audacity Run Up
264 Seven Pat Hands
264 Master Poker Dealing (Merlin)
265 “The Imaginary hand” (Stewart Judah)
271 Exhibition Poker Feat (Merlin)
271 Telling Amount of Cards Cut by Spectator (Merlin)
272 Canfield
273 A Deceptive False Overhand shuffle (Harry Stork)
274 The One-Arm Gambler, A Four Ace Trick (T. Page Wright)
274 Another Routine for These Three Mechanical Aces (Will Lindhorst)
276 Ben Erens’ Poker Deal
278 The L.W. Poker Deal Trick (Larsen and Wright)
279 The Great Poker Trick (John Northern Hilliard)
283 Letter to John Hilliard from Michael F. Zens (1932)
284 My Theory About the Use of Marked Cards (Michael F. Zens)
287 The Red Ace Trick (Michael F. Zens)
288 The “How Come” Card Trick (Michael F. Zens)
290 The Joker’s Dual Prophecy (Michael F. Zens)
293 Rouge Et Noir, Zens’ Trick with marked Deck

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