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The Key of the Chrononaut by Master Payne, MagicCrafter

(c. 2013)
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Master Payne is releasing a pet pocket trick from his Steampunk Show. Key of the Chrononaut is an updated and steam fitted adaptation of the Rings of Hindustan trick. A classic effect featured in  Dunniger’s Complete Encyclopedia of Magic (also known as: the Chinese Ring Illusion, The Two Ring Trick, Magical Mystery Rings, the Chinese Rings of Mystery), sold by Edwells c. 1933 and E-Z Magic c. 1966.  A particularly nice version was sold by Alan Wong too.

Brian Cook has constructed this prop out of the finest of materials and to his exacting specifications. The gears have been made from the finest walnut and fitted with brass like interior rings. They truly are a work of art. Plus Brian has added his own twist on this routine which allows both gear rings to be examined at the beginning and conclusion of the trick, allowing you to fool those in the know.

Effect: An old manila envelope is brought out and it’s contents removed for examination. It is found to contain two gears, a calling card of a Professor Napier who claims to be something called a Chrononaut and a small folded up piece of paper.

As the paper is unfolded it is discovered to be a letter which has been wrapped around a smaller gear. According to the mysterious missive the gear is in fact an integral part of a time machine. A time machine that Professor Napier believes to be sought after by nefarious agents. Men of questionable character who wish to employ his device for their own dastardly purposes. So in order to prevent the time machine from falling into the wrong hands the Professor has sent the Infinity Key forward in time for safekeeping.

Not wanting to strand himself in the past our Time Traveler has sent with the “key” all the necessary parts required to assemble a vortex generator with sufficient power to send it back to him. The letter is refolded and placed aside. Now the parts are moved about and arranged in a series of various configurations in an attempt to construct said generator. At last the proper alignment is created and the key mysteriously vanishes. Sent backwards in time to the Professor.

The proof of this rather unlikely hypothesis? The letter is unfolded and found to once again contain the previously vanished key. Sent once again, forward in time by our intrepid Time Traveler for safe keeping.


  • Performance and instructionl DVD
  • Including a storyline and presentation by Master Payne.
  • All the necessary gimmicks to perform this right out of the box.

(Notice: Includes: DVD (or similar) Instructions.)

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