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The Haunted House Rising Cards by Michael Baker, Harlan Tarbell

(c. 1941,2007)
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This effect was invented by Harlan Tarbell and built by Ireland Magic c. 1941.  It was first described in book form in Vol. 4 of The Tarbell Course c. 1945.  This adorable version follows Harlan’s description closely and is made perfectly by Michael Baker.  The Ireland Magic version was made in metal and Michal Baker’s is made from wood (the last two images show the Ireland version). 

It is a wonderful effect that is not seen very often.  Once neat thing about the design is you can store the cards and other items for you show inside the house for transportation if you so desire, making this effect practical and magical 🙂

Effect: Three cards are selected, noted, and shuffled back into the deck. A miniature haunted house is introduced. The roof is lifted away the interior shown to be empty, and the cards placed within. The roof is replaced, and one by one, the chosen cards mysteriously rise from the house, coming up through the chimney.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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