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The Hand of The Unseen (Devil’s Phantom Deck) by Viking Mfg., Devil of France

(c. 1998)
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This clever deck was built by Devil of France (Monaco) and distributed in the USA exclusively by George Robinson of Viking Mfg.  George had only fifty units made and they sold out very quickly and he only advertised it twice.  This is the first time I have seen or heard of this item which shows how rare it is.

As issued it comes with two detailed pages of instructions, the gimmicked deck in a standard bicycle deck, and the thick paper clock-face. But to do justice to it you probably want to dress it up with some better themed cards (I use the these Magic ones, but it takes just a minute to switch to your favorite deck). Ideally you should use two decks which you switch smoothly using something like this device which is the one I use in the video.   I also throw in an authentic looking Haunted Key which I use at the beginning to check for the existence of any magic spirits.

This deck works very reliably with easily obtainable batteries (2 x A23 (12v) and 1x 1.5v N size) and a small key fob remote (see final photo).  It is quiet but because it works on vibrations you can hear the vibrations in a totally quiet room.  With a normal amount of ambient noise there is little issue.  However, you do need to perform this on a close-up pad or table with padding because otherwise the vibrations will be exaggerated by the table just like a loud speaker.

Effect: Viking Manufacturing is known throughout the world for providing unique and exciting props. The Hand of the Unseen is no exception.This effect will add a new dimension to any Magic or mental routine.

A card is freely selected from among a pack of 52.This card is now mixed with I I randomly selected cards and laid out as indicated in the accompanying photo. The balance of the deck is placed within its box and placed in the center of the card circle. One card is pulled part way out of the pack, acting as a pointer. Slowly the deck begins to rotate, finally indicating one particular card. This card proves to be the selected card… (can be used to locate other objects, rings, keys, etc.)

The box of cards is stood on end as the audience gathers around, focusing their energy on the pack. One spectator is asked to mentally think of a number, and to begin counting to that number silently.The instant he reaches his secret number he is to point to the deck.At that precise moment, the deck teeters and topples over, thus proving the power of Kinetic energy.

The deck is placed on a Ouija Board and a simple question is asked.The deck is placed in the center of the board and within a few seconds, begins to move to either the yes or no, indicating an answer from the spirit world.

At the conclusion of a card routine, the performer offers to show something very unusual and quite difficult. A card is selected and noted by a spectator. It is then mixed with 11 indifferent cards. The location of this card is unknown to anyone present The 12 cards are spread face down in a circular fashion, around the face of a clock provided. The remainder of the cards are placed in the card-case with one card sticking out of the pack, acting as an indicator. The performer states that he will use a spirit guide to locate the selected card. He asks everyone present to think the name Bision (pronounced Be-swan), and he asks the person who selected that card to think only of that card.

The performer steps to the side and begins a form of concentration. Suddenly, die pack of cards begins to move, ever so slightly. It turns on its axis, as if turned by some unseen hand. Finally it comes io rest pointing to a specific card. The remainder of the cards are removed from die circle leaving die designated card on the table. The performer asks the spectator to name his card. The remaining card is now turned over, revealing that it is the selected card. Thanks are given to Bision for his help and the routine concluded.

Please note: There are no hidden wires, magnets, threads, etc.

Effect 2 (The Kinetic-Deck):  The deck is placed on the table, standing upright. The performer states that there is a mischievous ghost there about and will attempt to have it manifest itself. He sets the deck upright on its end and asks the spirit to show itself by following the command of the spectator.

The spectator is instructed to think of a number between 1 and 10. Then he is to start silently counting to that number. When he readies that number he is to point to the deck. The moment the spectator points to the deck it topples over, obviously with the help of our friendly ghost. This may be repeated with a different spectator and a different number.

Effect 3 (Quija Planchette):
Now this is very cool. Set the deck on edge in the center of the board and use it to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. Do not overdo this. Use this routine as a culmination to a spirit routine where you can not get the answer any other way. Finally, call upon the spirit of the board to help and activate the deck. Cause it to move to either yes or no.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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