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The Executive Magic Set by Magical Concepts Plus

(c. 1990)
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Out of stock


This neat item was designed and produced by, Magical Concepts Plus, Wood Dale, Illinois c. 1990.  It is a hand-crafted, walnut and maple case that houses various magical effects. It also came originally with an instruction video.  I received no instructions or video when I obtained this.  It appears to come with the following items:

  1. Custom Walnut version of Ed Massey’s Ribbon Fantastique (I’ll include instructions for a previous version).
  2. A wonderful version of Heath’s Mystic Tappit but with a clever ruse which means you don’t need to remember any colors.  (I’ll write up instructions for this – it is an amazing and simple to perform item that is always ready to go and works perfectly!)
  3. Pair of normal dice (with instructions to Edwin Sachs’ Changing Dice)
  4. Deck of regular playing cards (with instructions to Paul Curry’s Out of This World)

I don’t know if there was anything else – it feels pretty snug so I’m not sure if they could fit much more in the box.

On the front of the box it has the Latin phrase: “Omne Quod Videt Non Est” – searching online did not give a meaningful translation, but I’m guessing it says something along the lines of: “Everything is not what it seems” (though I could be wildly wrong here!).

Effect: for the executive who has everything this neat magic set might just be the ticket.  Complete with some amazing, almost self-working effects you can pull out right in the middle of your meetings to amaze and amuse them all.

(Notice: this is not the same as the Executive Magic Set released by Tannen’s c. 1992 – that featured items made from brass and aluminum.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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