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The Elfin Chest by Mary Tomich, Thaumysta Magic Co.

(c. 1993)
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Mary Tomich formed the Thaumysta Magic Co. in 1992 and catered for bizarrists and kindred spirits.  The Elfin Chest is almost a big hit – the props looks very interesting and the effect and method are all workable.  But the props are so small they are difficult to use.  The sun revelation etched into the crystal ball is ok, but not as clear as I would like.  If I was to perform this I think I would get some larger cards and maybe get a better image of the sun on the ball. 

A worthy and interesting attempt with an intriguing patter, but just misses the mark.

Effect: Elves exist. I Know. I almost caught one a few Jays ago in the woods. He was about six inches tall and dressed in a costume reminiscent of wizardry. In his haste to depart, he left a couple oi things behind… Tins small chest contains some very interesting items: a tiny book of spells, crystal ball and stand, tarot pack, candle and holder, and small paper cover. Look how tiny the crystal ball is.” Spectator is given crystal ball to examine. I removed the spell Look and that uses the tarot cards, the “Naturally I couldn’t leave all of this behind to be ruined by the elements. After I returned home read it. I was quite surprised to discover the secrets within it really worked. I’ll show you one crystal ball, and this piece of paper.

“There are 22 cards in the tiny tarot pack and you will decide how many cards we will use. According to the instructions written in this tiny treatise, you are to select a number between one and 22. The wizard’s cards are a bit tiny, but I think we can do it. “It says make 2 piles, alternating the cards as you create the piles. The book speaks of things coming in twos. Yin Yang, male female, etc.” The spectator complies with the mage’s request. “We are going to eliminate one of the piles. Please pick one up. This is the pile we will use.”

“The book says to look at the top card on the pile you selected. It speaks of burning an impression in your mind’s eye. While you do that I will create peer into the crystal ball and see if I can receive an image of your thought.” After a few seconds, the mage continues I am seeing something in the crystal.  According to the book, after you mentally burn an image of your card in your mind, I must burn the image that I see in the crystal. I need something that will burn and this piece of paper will suit our purposes quite nicely.

The mage follows the instructions in the tiny tome: first wrapping the crystal ball in the piece of paper and then placing it in the holder. He reaches into his pocket and retrieves a book of matches and lights one. “Let’s see what happens when the image in your thoughts and the image in the ball co-mingle. The mage touches the lit match to the wrapped crystal ball. There is a brilliant flash. The mage picks up the crystal ball. That bright flash can only mean one thing. You were thinking of something that has a Quality of brilliance to it weren’t you.” The spectator confirms this. “The crystal knows….Look!” Burned on the crystal is a symbol of the sun, the card that the spectator selected!

(Notice: use your own Flash paper.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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