The Devil’s Mail Box by Owen Magic Supreme

(c. 1970)
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This is the most convincing switching device I have ever seen. Originally created by Thayer Quality Magic c. 1940 this is the Owen’s version that not only looks beautiful the switch works perfectly right under their eyes. If you watch this closely you’ll swear that the envelope never once leaves your sight, and yet just as easily it was switched.

This marvelous piece of apparatus is built to represent a sort of Desk, Letter Rack to contain envelopes, with grooved base for pen and pencils, also a small mounted calendar for current reference use. The idea is simply this. Suppose you wish to cause the appearance of a written spirit message upon a sheet of blank paper which any spectator may seal in an empty envelope. You merely place the envelope into the open letter rack container, where it remains in full view, yet when removed the desired change has taken place.

This is the perfect switch of two envelopes, without the envelope itself leaving the spectators’ gaze for a single instant. It will defy detection at two feet and even you yourself will almost swear that no change could possibly occur. One envelope in full view every second-yet now it becomes a different one entirely. And nothing left to tell how, when or where it all happened.

(Notice: This does not come with any instructions.)

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