The Crystal Wizard by Jeff Michelson

(c. 1988)
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Effect: Welcome to the world of electronic magic. For aficionados interested in performing or owning an exquisite magic figurine. The little crystal wizard is always at your command. The crystal ball he holds illuminates at the chosen moment . . . when the selected card is found or any designated object is placed before him. He also has the ability to answer questions. Excellent for close-up, mentalism and spiritualistic effects.

No magnets are used. All electronically accomplished. Believe it or not, all is controlled by your big toe. (See photo illustrating the transmitter.) By activating the foot switch, a signal is sent to the wizard and the ball illuminates. It’s as easy as drinking water. Each wizard is hand cast from pewter, hand finished and painted and holds an Austrian-made crystal ball. The figure is mounted on American walnut and comes packaged in a Plexiglas cubicle.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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