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The Crystal Prison of Serica (Silkola) by Michael Baker

(c. 2016)
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Michael Baker is one of the very few craftsmen left who not only creates beautiful parlor and stage sized collectible magic, he is also a performer in his own right. Whenever you purchase an item from Michael you know he has thought through the routine such that each move and design decision make it as smooth as possible to entertain and perform.

This is Michael’s take on the Silkola effect invented by Lennart Bondesson of Sweden c. 1966 and sold to Supreme Magic Co. of England when it was first marketed c. 1967.

This is quite simply the most stunning version of Silkola you will ever see – it stands at 18.5″ high and even the bottle is ornate and beautiful.  The routine is a wonderful story and the moves are timed perfectly with the action – this really is a miracle and it comes with everything you need except for the vanish of the silk (use your favorite method).

The market for this type of magic is tiny, but God bless Michael for continuing to create his beauties, we’ll all be worse off when these types of effect are no longer produced.  They beat a slick download, a fancy deck of cards or the latest computerized watch any day!

Effect: In Serica, the land where silk comes from, the annual harvest of silk worm cocoons was heralded by the presentation to the Emperor, a fine scarf made from the choicest silk from the previous year’s harvest. This scarf was considered not only priceless, but sacred, as well. Its properties were considered magical, although its secrets were known only to a small handful of priests. Even the Emperor himself did not know the secrets of the sacred silk.

At the end of the harvest season, the sacred silk was burned and its ashes scattered in amongst the White Mulberry bushes to bless them for the coming year. It was upon these bushes that the silk worms fed.

Understanding the tremendous value and importance of the silk, the Emperor took advice from the priests and ordered the construction of a giant crystal prison. In order to isolate the prison, it was set upon a pedestal in the center of the community, and guarded within the walls of a beautiful tower.

The purpose of the prison was unknown to all but the priests, and they were not speaking.

Much time passed…

One day, a thief entered the community. The morning that was to be the day that die silk was to be burned, he snuck into the place where the silk was kept, and he stole it. But, he was less than a clever thief, for he left a small corner of the silk exposed, and was quickly caught.

The Emperor was of course quite upset, and ordered not only the silk, but the thief as well to be burned and his ashes scattered amongst the White Mulberries. After this was done, it was then that the priests told the Emperor why the crystal prison had been built. The tower that surrounded the prison was removed, and there INSIDE the crystal prison was the sacred silk, trapped, as if by magic! It remains there to this day…

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