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The Conway Cigarette Case by Ken Brooke, Pat Conway, Bert Allerton

(c. 1969)
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The Conway Cigarette Case is based upon the effect The Card and Cigarette Case by American Close-up Magician Bert Allerton in his book The Close-up Magician  c. 1958. However, Bert Allerton’s idea used an ungimmicked Cigarette Case. Pat Conway created the perfect gaff to make the case still look normal, but also much easier and more convincing to perform.

Ken Brooke purchased the rights to Pat’s approach and produced this beautiful and innocent looking Cigarette Case.  The early versions sold by Ken required an elastic band to be used but Fred Lowe suggested a modification which removed the need.  This is the final version after all the improvements and suggestions and it is perfect and easily one of the best items produced by Ken Brooke 🙂

I’ve always wanted to get one of these but had no clue how cool it was until I received it.  It does not work like any other card box you have seen and there are no flaps … yet you can do pretty much anything any other card box can do, but in a much more natural and clean way 🙂

I’ve included the full Card in Chewing Gum instructions from Roy Johnson’s amazing book The Roy Johnson Experience and along with some extra tweaks that are included with the instructions for the Conway you will have the perfect routine you’ll use in every show.

The only problem I had is that I don’t smoke and the last thing I wanted to do was buy some real cigarettes to perform this.  Luckily Amazon came to the rescue and I was able to get a pack of herbal cigarettes that are tobacco and nicotine free and look and work perfectly.


  • The amazing Conway Cigarette Case in like new condition.
  • Six pages of tips and instructions.
  • The full six page routine for Card in Chewing Gum from Roy’s book.
  • A pack of herbal cigarettes which look perfect (of course you can use real cigarettes too!).

This is really an amazing and innocent looking switching device for cards, billets, cash, business cards and anything else that will fit inside the case that you will find many uses for.

For those of you who don’t smoke or are worried about the PC nature of cigarettes, it is quite easy to introduce this item, e.g.:

This cigarette case used to belong to my grand father, and he was so proud of it.  It was made from genuine pig skin with brass trim and he carried it everywhere he went.  As a kid I always thought he looked so cool when he pulled it out and retold some great story about his time in the army or when he worked in London.  He left it to me when he passed away.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), although I really like the case I have never smoked so all I could think of doing with it is this card effect, which was one of his favorite effects so I hope you like it …

Effect: The case is covered by GENUINE PIG SKIN. Finely made. Based on the late Bert Allerton idea, but due to the design the spectator handles and opens the case every time. Will do all that the old-fashioned card box will do but in a modern, natural manner.

Complete with Roy’s great trick and other useful and entertaining additions.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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