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Thayer Quality Magic Vol. 4 by Glenn Gravatt

(c. 1981,1997)
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Wow – what a treasure trove of magic in these volumes! As I buy more books I realize how much magic is out there, and how few truly new ideas have occurred in the last 10, 20, 30, or more years!

These are a wonderful historical document of 100’s of the marvelous items that came from Thayer. When you read through the effects with their accompanying instruction sheets you recognise so many effects that are still being pushed today as new ideas!

The first time I saw Shakespeare’s Hamlet I remember thinking how many cliches were used, forgetting of course that when the Bard wrote the play the phrases were new. These Thayer volumes are reminiscent of that – so many of these effects were new with Thayer, but today we consider them public domain.

If you have any abilities to construct magic you could be building your own magic for years to come!

Effect: “This Volume Four is the final of the series of Thayer Instruction Sheets. No effort has been made for completeness since many items of any magic dealer matches those of others and here we have tried to select exclusive items and the best accredited to Floyd Thayer…. Magic is indebted to Glenn Gravatt for making these valuable instructions available and preparing them for publication.”

The Fourth Book in this great series covers Afghan Bands, Cards, Cigarettes, Club Effects, Stage magic, Dice, Divinations, Floating Effects, Livestock, Matches, Money, Penetrations, Parlor Tricks, Close-up Effects, Pocket Tricks, Silks, Spiritualistic Effects, Tables, Torn & Restored Effects and Memories. This volume also contains the Cumulative Index by Subject and title to the entire four volume set. Contains catalog description, illustration, and complete instruction sheets for each effect.

Contents (from Lee Jacobs edition book ToC):

1 Afghan Bands
1 Loops of Mystery
2 Improved Afghan Bands
4 Red Rag Rig
9 Restored String
11 Rickard’s Afghan Bands

13 Card Magic
13 Believe It or Not Card in Pocketbook
17 Find the Queen
19 Shrinking Card
21 Kolar Card Trick
25 Buddha Whispers

28 Cards With Apparatus
28 Marvelous Card Star
29 Hartz Master Card Frame
30 Thayer’s New Lock Flap Card Box
31 Stop Trick of Tomorrow
33 Golden Spider Web
35 Tom Seller’s Rising Cards
37 Express Delivery

39 Cigarette Magic
39 Latest Lighted Cigarette Vanish
40 Smoke Trick
41 Diestel’s E. Z. Cigarette Dropper
43 Rising Smoke or Mystery in the Case
46 Smoker’s Dream
47 L.S.M.F.T.

50 Club & Stage Magic
50 Miracle Frame
52 Bewildering Blocks
56 Master Changing Table
58 Flower Growth Supreme Improved
61 Mysterious Linking Rings

64 Dice
64 Eli’s Die Box
66 Mysto That Mysterious Die & Frame
67 Die Box
69 Vanish of a Die Box

71 Divinations
71 Phantom Color Rods & Tube
72 Twins
75 Witching Hour
76 X-Ray Pencil Mystery
77 Mystic Crayons & Tube
78 Mystic Tapp-It (Heath)
80 Kolar’s Challenge Tag Trick
62 Divination Supreme

84 Floating
84 Haunted Candle
85 Haunted Candle Later method
86 Hopping Handkerchief
88 Improved Floating Match
89 McCullough’s Floating Light Bulb
90 Demon Rising & Floating Match
91 Floating Ball
93 Spirit Light of Lucifer
95 Chinese Jug & Rope

96 Livestock
96 Hindoo Wonder Bowl
98 L. W. Rabbit Box
99 Flight of Rodents
101 New Model Dynamic Dove Vanish Illusion
103 Chester Morris Rabbit Vanish
104 Tube of Tibet

106 Matches
106 Lighted & Vanishing Match
108 Topsy Turvy Match
109 Wizard’s Matches
112 Latest Broken & Restored Match
114 Hop – Skip – Ju mp
116 Match Box Magic
118 Improved Acrobatic Match Box
120 Corn Beans & Match Box Mystery

123 Money
123 Sliding Coin Box
125 New Chinese Coin Trick
126 The Six Coins
128 Okito Coin Box
129 Rattle Box
131 Nelson Wallace Coin Tray
133 Mystic Coin Slide
135 Bill & Lemon
138 Half Dollar in Bottle
140 Rickard’s Bill in Lemon
143 Purse Vanish
144 Crystal Coin Vase

146 Penetrations
146 Grant’s Visible Walking Through a Ribbon
148 New Penetrable Glass
150 Baffo
152 E.S. Cord & Ring Trick
153 Rope & Rings Release
154 Thayer’s Ring-A-Key
156 Miracle Penetration
158 Ghost Power
160 Spirit Nut

161 Pocket, Parlor & Close-Up
161 Jumping Peg Pencil
162 Ball of Mystery
163 Ribbon Factory
164 Famous 3 Shell Game
166 Wanda
167 Pig Turns Round
168 Racing Form to Shorts
170 Kolar’s Salt & Pepper Trick
173 Chink a Chink
175 Now Kling Klang
176 Triple Mystery Cube
178 Sten’s Frutite
180 Devil Glass
181 Foo-Ling Cup
164 Newspaper Servante
185 Water Wiz
188 Orange & Apple
187 Magnetic Pencil
188 Famous Needle Trick

192 Silks – Color Changes
192 Ultra Handkerchief Color Change
194 Pep Up Color Change
195 Super Simplex Silk Blowing Act
197 Rice’s Mis-Made Flag

199 Silks – Productions
199 Thayer’s New Wonder Silk Cabby
201 Silk Cabby No. 2
203 Novel Silk Production
206 Mystery of the 7 Veils
210 Phantom Tube
212 Simplex Tumbler Pedestal
213 Thaver’s New Flash Bare Hand Silk Production
214 Berland’s Firefly

216 Silks – Misc.
216 Handkerchief & Envelope Mystery
219 Loyd’s Visible 20th Century
221 A Brassiere Trick
222 Rickard’s Flash Pull
223 Handkerchief Vanishing Wand
226 Kobra (The Charm Feat of India)
229 Kolar’s Mystic Rose
230 Miniature Silk Vanish (Pencil Wand)
231 Edgar Pull
233 Thayer’s New Lock Flap Handkerchief Box

235 Spiritualistic Effects
235 Thayer’s Latest Improved Ghost Chest Mystery
239 A Voice From the Great Beyond
242 A Message From Beyond
245 Annemann’s Eyes of the Unknown
247 Hewitt’s 30th Century Television
251 Forcit
253 A Mysterious Seance
257 Self-Setting Clock Hand
258 Whisper Word
260 Spirit Writing Pads
261 Crystal Clock Dial
261 The Clock Dial
262 Magician’s Blindfold
263 Seership Predicto
265 Thayer’s Famous Dr» Q. Spirit Slates
270 Hewitt’s Modern Mind Reader

273 Tables
274 New Portable Black Art Table
274 Amazo Side Stand Table
275 New Oriento Pack Flat Table
275 New Chinko Side Stand
276 New Bamboo-Chinko Magicians Tables
276 Ideal Magic Table
277 Mephisto Center Table
278 New Elite Magic Table
278 Colonio Magic Table
279 Junior Side Table
280 Kellar Side Table
280 Famous Eureka Magic Table
281 Modern Magicians Table Base
281 Plain Table Tops
281 Elephant Head Tables
282 Perfecto Black Art Table Tops
282 Simplex Folding Side Table Base
283 New Model “A” All Metal Table
283 Table to Suit Case

284 Torn & Restored
284 Jean Ilugard’s Great Newspaper Trick
286 Torn & Restored Newspaper
287 Chu Gum Long
288 Grant’s Stung Paper Tear
289 Latest Burned & Restored Paper
291 Clippo
295 Kolar’s Straw & String Trick
300 New Devil Sticks
303 Phenomenal Rope Trick
305 Super Quality Rope Device
306 Tarbell’s Many Cut Rope Mystery

309 Memories
311 Floyd G. Thayer – An Appreciation (John U. Zweers)
315 Fond Memories of My Youth (Glenn Gravatt)

317 Index (Cumulative Volumes 1-4)
317 Subject
318 Tricks Alphabetical

  • Publisher: Lee Jacobs Productions
  • Pages: 324
  • Location: Pomeroy, OH, USA
  • Edited by: Theron Fox, Barbara Walker
  • Dimensions: 6″x9″
  • Date: 1981, 1997
  • Binding: hardbound

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