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Ten Little Giants II by Fabrice Delaure

(c. 1995,2001)
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Originally created c. 1995, this is the second release c. 2001 and it is my favorite Fabrice Delaure creation. You know when something is your favorite because you buy and sell it multiple times – this is my third set of these little guys and like the previous two it works perfectly, even though Fabrice has not made these for well over a decade.

In fact, Fabrice no longer makes magic like this – it is all white board and iphone related gadgets. Whilst some of these are cool, I don’t think they are as magical, since there are so many screen transmission systems available to the general public anyway.

What I like about the box is that it is not high tech or glitzy and certainly looks devoid of any electronics. There are no switches whatsoever on the box – you simply use one of the giants to turn the box on and off by placing it in one of the slots facing to the back instead of to the front. The transmitter and receiver work 100% of the time and are very reliable even 20+ years later. It uses standard 9V batteries available everywhere.  The receiver is about the size of a deck of cards and has ten LEDs representing one for each slot in the box so it is very easy to see which giants are removed.

Highly Recommended for collector’s of fine old school electronic miracles!

Effect: This is my routine. You hand the box of “giants” to the audience and explain how you have affixed the names of famous presidents to the bottoms of the ten little giants which they can verify. You now turn your back to the audience or leave the room and ask three spectators to each remove one of the figures (or one spectator can remove all three) and to hold on to them tightly so no one can see the bottom.

When they are done you turn around or return to the room and hand a deck of President cards to the first spectator and ask him to look at the name on the bottom of the giant and remove the matching president from the deck of cards. But they cannot find their president. This happens with each chosen president.

You then reach into your pocket and remove your wallet and hand your wallet to the spectator and they unzip the zipper and inside the pocket are the three chosen Presidents!

(Notice: use your own wallet and simply load the chosen presidents when your back is turned and the transmitter shows you which one they have chosen.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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