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Telekinetic Chess by Gary Brown, Collectors’ Workshop

(c. 2018)
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This is a very nice and well priced chess board based on a concept by Gary Brown and designed and manufactured by Collectors’ Workshop. With modern day audiences I don’t know how many of them are completely blown away by these types of effects anymore but George Robinson has built some neat features into the board. It has a key fob remote feature but also hot spot squares and timer feature that means pieces move and you don’t even need to use the remote.

I think if you could add this into a psychic/bizarre themed show then it would be very effective. The movement of the pieces and die is very reliable and sudden, and in the right context you’re definitely going to get some gasps from certain spectators! This is true for all psychic phenomena really – you can’t just walk on do a milk jug and linking rings routine then make something move with your mind. But with the right routine and theme you could freak some people out, or just have fun with it at your next club meet.

A chess piece is placed on a chessboard; so far nothing too exciting. But then the performer rubs his hands together and holds them a few inches from the chess piece. He now stands back all the while concentrating his energy on the chess piece. Suddenly the chess piece moves slightly and then topples over as if flicked by an unseen hand.

Next, a second chess piece is introduced. The spectator has his/her choice of either one. Both are placed on the chessboard. This time the performer asks the spectator to assist by placing his/her hands over his/her selected chess pieces while willing the chosen piece to move. The performer is well away from the board and the chess pieces yet the selected piece moves, almost tumbling over.

This is the bare-bones effect possible with our Haunted Telekinetic Chessboard. Obviously, the performer can use any theme he would like such as a spirit haunts the board, etc.

Comes with wooden chess board, five chess pieces, a die and all that is needed to perform these and other miracles. Board measures 15″ square when open and measures 15″ x 7.5″ when closed. And thankfully this uses commonly available AAA batteries.

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