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Tele-Vision Box by Klingl

(c. 1950)
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A single box version of the popular Television-Box effect expertly crafted by Klingl. Instead of concealing the gimmick in the second outer box this uses a tube with which the gimmick can be added to or seamlessly removed.  You use the tube, which can be shown empty, to view the box and can see immediately where each number is situated.  One of the benefits to this approach is that you can be surrounded when you do the work as there is nothing to see.

Klingl or Zauber-Klingl was an Austrian Magic manufacturer and dealer founded by Rudiga Michael Klingl c. 1869 and they continued until the 1980’s. Their creations are high quality and are keenly sought by collectors today.

Effect: You show a single box with  four numbered blocks. You leave the room and ask the spectator to arrange the blocks in any order in the box, and close the lid. On your return without opening or even touching the box you can discern the exact order of the blocks using a small tube which is shown empty and can be examined.

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