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Tele-Flash by Supreme Magic Company

(c. 1987)
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Estimated: $175 - $325
Item condition: New

Winning Bid: $340.00


This is Supreme Magic’s version of the Jack Hughes’ Teleflash effect c. 1951 and is featured in World of Magic – Vol. 2.

It is one of the nicest effects I’ve seen from Supreme and this copy is in excellent condition even though it is 32 years old. The mechanism Works perfectly with a number of choices on how to activate the mechanism.

  • You can make it 100% self-contained using Flash Paper – the flash paper itself triggers the mechanism.
  • You operate it by hand your-self.
  • You can have your assistant operate it from off stage.

No electronics are required and the card can be handed out as a souvenir or reused as you decide.  It can use your favorite brand of cards too, Poker or Bridge size.

Effect: An effect that has become a classic, made in superb Supreme manner. A neatly-made frame representing a television set is shown. Through the screen runs a length of colored ribbon. Ribbon is moved back and forth to show that it runs across me screen.

A playing card is selected. This card is torn into pieces, the pieces then being wrapped in tissue-paper, which are placed in a small receptacle in front o f the screen. Magician sets fire to the wad of papers. THERE IS A BRILLIANT FLASH AND IMMEDIATELY THE CARD APPEARS RESTORED ON THE RIBBON. The ribbon can be lifted free from the screen to show the chosen card is actually threaded upon it.

If you wish, you can allow the spectator to keep one of the corners of the playing card and, at the end the card is restored EXCEPT for this corner which fits perfectly!

Qur model o f Tele-flash is the best made and comes complete with detailed instructions and routine. Flashpaper not included. Several different presentations and working ideas are given.

Beautifully made in wood, the screen is 5″ x 6″.

(Notice: I have included a deck of bicycle cards with duplicates, a small batch of flash paper, the gimmick.  Use your own lighter.)

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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