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Star’s Wandering Lipsticks (Tele-Tubes) by Viking Mfg., Brema

(c. 1925,1986)
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Wandering Lipsticks (Stan Payne). The Wandering Lipsticks are an updated version of a Brema effect called The Demon’s Bars c. 1925.  These amazing tubes do not require a forth tube up your sleeve, but instead are 100% self contained.  What is even more amazing is they are so finely balanced if you unscrew the lids you can easily show how just one tube has a brass weight inside and it falls out onto the table and the others are clearly empty.  You can only demonstrate such control when the tubes are manufactured correctly.

This comes with two wonderful routines – including one from Stephen Minch.  Great quality and great magic!

Effect:  1 Truly one of the finest 3-shell type games ever to be offered to the magic fraternity. These specially machined brass tubes are a wonder to perform, and a feat in master engineering. The tubes are designed to hold a rattle which travels from tube to tube (invisibly). Each time the spectator feels he has figured out the system, he is fooled again. Magician is in complete control.

Even when only one tube is used; the tube is shown to contain the rattle, yet when the spectator picks it up and shakes it, the rattle is gone and is found in one of the other tubes!

Rattles are all self-contained, nothing hidden in hand or added to tubes. Guaranteed to fool even the most critical spectator, which may handle tubes without discovering their secret. Handcrafted of solid brass. 3 precision tubes and rattles. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Precision machining, beautiful props and complete detailed instructions. 3 brass ‘lipstick’ tubes, weight and custom carrying case.

Effect: 2 (Tele-Tubes by Stephen Minch, c. 1987) Two brass tubes, like those used to transport rare ore samples are displayed and opened. One is empty and the other contains a plug of solid brass. The plug is replaced in its tube and both tubes are sealed with their fids. If desired, someone from the audience may place a paper sticker on the tube with the weight to identify ft to insure that there is no confusion between tubes.

The empty tube is placed on the table and the other tube is shaken to prove that the weight/plug is inside. The performer now makes a gesture over the tube with the rattle and suddenly the sound stops. The cap is removed and foe tube shown empty. A magical pass is made over the other tube, which is picked up and shaken. The plug has magically passed to thattube as it now rattles when shaken. The cap is removed and the plug removed and displayed.

The plug is returned to its tube and this time they are held far apart, performer hokfing one on each side of the spectator’s head, .near his ears. The tubes are shaken and again, the rattle stops in one tube and appears in the other. The effect is repeated once more, but this time something very strange takes place. The rattle is distinctly heard in the tube on the right, then the sound stops and a soft sloshing sound is heard coming from the other tube. Both tubes are now opened; the one that had the rattle is empty. The other now contains a thimbleful of gold flakes! The plug must have atomized on its final journey across time.

(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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