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Tapit (Tappit) by House of Enchantment, Royal V. Heath

(c. 1925,2004)
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This is a remake of Heath’s Mystic Tappit  – not sure why Jay Leslie spelt “Tappit” incorrectly  when he released this but it should have two p’s.

This is a functional version and Jay has included an extra phase which works well too.  But to my mind it is not necessary and just repeating the standard effect two or three times in a row is really enough to blow their minds.  This is one of the few effects that gets better with repetition.  And unlike the original bakelite tiles these colors will not fade 🙂

Effect:  Six colored squares are placed face up on the table. A volunteer is asked to look at the numbers, remember one of them, and turn the squared face down. The performer turns his back while this is being done.

The performer turns around and places his finger on the white square. He asks the volunteer to mentally spell the number he selected. Each letter being spelled should happen at the same time a different square is tapped.

The performer instructs the volunteer to begin with the first letter while he is on the white square. The performer taps different squares and the volunteer silently counts. The volunteer is told to stop the performer on the last letter. When that square is turned over it is the selected number.

Perfect for table hopping because the squares are waterproof hot stamped plastic. No cold reading required. A second baffling prediction is also included.

Good instructions. No set up time. Can be repeated. Carry Tapit in your pocket. It’s a fast paced, quick little mystery that is a perfect transition to other effects.


(Notice: Includes: Printed Instructions.)

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